A Christmas Vision


"What would you like for Christmas, Chrissy?" asked the jolly old man with the white beard, and red suit. He was sitting on a majestic throne, amidst Christmas splendor in the largest mall in Millderford.

The small girl closed her eyes, little golden curls covering one cheek. She thought for a long time.

"I want to see you fly through the sky, with your reindeer. On Christmas Eve."

"Now Chrissy, good little girls should be in bed at that time."

"I know, but there's no reason why I would have to get up early, so it won't hurt just once. And it's all I want." she said, earnestly.

"What did you ask Santa for?" asked her mother, smiling. When she found out, she stopped smiling. How could anyone pull that off? She would have to talk to her husband about this puzzle.

"I don't know, Dear. If she had just asked to see Santa and his reindeer, maybe we could have hired someone. But flying reindeer? They're in short supply this year." said Chrissy's father.

"Don't I know it. I wonder if she might be satisfied with having them parade down the street?" she said, worriedly.

"I think she will have to be. Unless you have a direct line to Santa himself. But we are going to need a plausible excuse for the lack of flight. Any ideas?"

"Nothing comes to mind... But we still have some time. We'll figure something out. Why couldn't she have just asked for a pony or a trip around the world... Something easy!" she sighed.

He laughed. "It could have been worse."

"And just how?" she replied, tapping her foot.

"Chrissy could have asked to go for a flight!" he said, still laughing.

"Are you trying to give me nightmares, Mister?"

"You did ask." he reminded her.

"What's that noise?!?!" asked Dad.

It was Christmas Eve. The actor had been hired, complete with eight trained reindeer. Chrissy had even written a letter to Santa, to make her wish official. It was almost midnight.

"Chrissy!" he exclaimed excitedly to the little girl who had fallen asleep watching It's A Wonderful Life.

"Dad?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"I heard something outside. Want to go check?" he asked, scooping her up onto his shoulders.

They went out into the cool night, and coming down the road was a beautiful sleigh, complete with reindeer. Jingle Bells was playing from somewhere on the sleigh, and it was all lit up. The reindeer were indeed well trained, they all seemed to move as one.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Chrissy!" said a jolly little man. Suddenly the street under their hooves lit up, and they began to run. In seconds they were airborne. Chrissy's father was sitting in the snow. She was jumping up and down, and clapping her hands.

Then it was quiet. Chrissy helped her stunned father to his feet. Just as they were about to go in, an old beat up sleigh came into sight. Eight reindeer who kept on trying to go in different directions were slowly but surely dragging it down the road. A large man in a red suit was intent on controlling them.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Chrissy!" he said as he passed slowly.

Chrissy waved politely. "Merry Christmas!"

She then turned to her father. "Daddy, who was that?"

"Uh... Maybe Santa's assistant?" he replied, shrugging. He still looked a little dazed.

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