The building is not much different from the stalls in the village in general, even simpler. However, there is an attraction from the atmosphere which is in the middle of a tea plantation flanked by a fairly dense panorama of pine trees. You can feel the breeze in the midst of the green expanse of tea plantations. More perfect with the sound of birds chirping each other. The Fried rice and coffee shop owned by Mr. Andi in the tea plantation does have the charm of an extraordinary natural atmosphere. Two-wheeled or four-wheeled riders who pass by will certainly be tempted to just stop by the shop.

This shop has become Sandi's favorite place with his college friends. That afternoon, Sandi and his college friends were discussing plans to climb Mount Cikuray in the city of Garut.

Sandi asked, "So, what time are we leaving tomorrow?"

"If you look at the distance, we don't leave too early, around nine in the morning we start gathering to leave" Hasan answered

"Agreed, if it's too early I usually help mom clean the house and cook," said Nita

"What about you, Anton?" Sandi asked Anton who had only focused on eating fried rice

"If I just agree, the important thing is to bring enough food, don't forget to also bring instant noodles," Anton replied curtly, grinning.

"Ok, deal, tomorrow we will gather at nine in the morning to leave, tonight don't forget to prepare the necessary climbing tools" said Password

Sandi and his friends went back to eating while joking. The cheerful echo of the jokes of password and his friends is getting fainter.

Dusk begins to disappear, birds fly to each other, the sky begins to darken, day bunches are ready to greet night, night goes to greet morning. That's life, just repetition, and humans are required to find every meaning.

The atmosphere in the morning with a very cold air that pierces the lungs. The whole body is shackled in the cold morning. The morning is decorated with very thick fog. A very thick fog enveloped the whole soul. The sun greeted the morning with a very amazing smile. His smile radiated the warmth of the heat on a very cold morning. I grabbed the warmth of the sun in the shade of the soul that was embraced by the cold morning air.

As agreed on the plan to climb, Sandi and his friends were seen gathered and ready to go. They rode their own motorbikes, when they arrived at the location, they were given directions about the rules and prohibitions that must be maintained during the ascent.

"There are some rules and restrictions that you must obey during the climb, this is for your safety, are all the equipment ready?" Ask the old mountain ranger

"The tools are ready and complete" Sandi answered

"Good then, now pay attention to the prohibitions that you must stay away from, don't litter, don't approach the banyan tree that has been given a fence, especially if you urinate and say rude words, this is for your safety." Tell the old man

After hearing the directions, Sandi and his friends started climbing from the location of the first hiking trail.

Their ascent is accompanied by a distinctive sound coming from within the forest. Sounds like crickets but it's not. Like the sound of birds but also not. This beautiful and refreshing sight spoils the eyes of other climbers and gives a message in the heart that nature is not only a medicine that can relieve every sadness from a broken heart, but also able to provide coolness for all time.

The sadness that was felt immediately turned into peace in the soul which manifested itself as a beauty that cannot be expressed in words. The path they passed was still very gentle, in the form of a path with large trees on the right and left. It takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive at Pos 1. Before taking a break at Pos 1, Sandi and his friends decided to take water from the source first and then take a short break at Pos 1.

The clear sky seemed to want to say goodbye and change to the dark night. the climbers each installed a headlamp, the wind that blew seemed to pierce the bones and the beautiful memories that have ever existed. Sandi and his friends kept walking regardless of the wind in this fragile forest.

Before arriving at Pos 2, Sandi took water from the source for drinking and cooking supplies. Sandi and his friends stopped briefly to rest. With music accompanying the journey, they immediately set out to continue the ascent to Pos 3.

Before arriving at post 3, officers at post 2 again reminded them not to violate the rules regarding fenced trees. They continued their journey to post 3. On the way, Sandi saw a tree which the old man told him not to do wrong and respect the rules of prohibition.

"So this is a sacred tree? Do you believe in things like this? I really don't, nowadays we still believe in superstitions and myths," said Hasan, pointing to a large tree.

"Only God is omniscient, it's better if we just respect the rules and prohibitions, for the sake of our safety" replied Sandi

"Look, I want to prove to all of you that what the old man said was just bullshit," said Hasan as he threw the leftover food into the tree while saying something bad.

"What are you doing, looking for a case, are you Hasan?" Anton said with a worried tone

Nita said, "Aren't you afraid of being possessed? If something bad happens to you, we'll be the ones in trouble too."

"I don't believe in trance, trance doesn't exist, supernatural beings are just myths, trance is just a hoax," said Hasan sarcastically, whose college background is Psychology.

Hasan arrogantly continued to throw food scraps at the tree and said bad things. It didn't take long, the sound of thunder shouted loudly at each other, suddenly all the climbers screamed, plus the night was starting to get dark. Suddenly Hasan, who had been throwing food scraps at the tree, lay down, and began to babble incoherently, throwing a tantrum incoherently, and occasionally his voice roared like a tiger. Suddenly all the climbers were frightened, and began to scream.

Sandi and Anton began to calm Hasan, Nita told other climbers to return to Pos 2 to inform Hasan's condition. Not long after, the parents from post two came and helped treat Hasan with the abilities he (old man) had.

With the help of the old man guarding post 2 and other climbers, Hasan finally returned to normal. Hasan looked weak and drenched in sweat. Hasan was brought back to post two to rest, finally Sandi's climbing plan failed miserably. Before going home because of Hasan's condition, the old man guarding post 2 said to us.

"Remember young people, Superstitions or myths may make sense, as a child you must have been reprimanded by your parents or grandmothers using superstitions. We may believe in it as a child, but when we think about it, it seems strange that we believe in this world. all things can be caught by logic, there are things that we really can't digest with thoughts, myths or superstitions for most people may still be considered important teachings, so I order for you, please respect local rules, you have something to value what you consider to be myths or superstitions. You have the right not to believe, but you have no right to misbehave and insult other people's beliefs." Tell the old man wisely

"Yes sir, we apologize for our friend's behavior, we will make it a lesson. Once again we ask for this incident. and thank you for helping us."

Finally, Sandi and his friends brought Hasan home. The climbing plan, which at first will be fun, turns out to be far from a fantasy. Finally they went home full of regret.

The End

Image source: my own painting

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