No New spring.



Tears dropped on the photograph as Mrs Rose wiped it away. She had been staring at her late son's photograph and crying since morning. " My world and everything, this world is empty without you", she said as more tears dropped. She lost James a week ago after 5 years of battling cancer.

"I tried my best to save you, but it seems all my efforts proved useless, you were the only one I had in this life and now I have no one by me". She burst into tears as she angrily squeezed James' picture. " You should have taken me with you!". She screamed at the top of her voice.

It was the rainy season and rain fell heavily that afternoon. Rose did not even care about the clothes she had washed earlier. In fact she had abandoned everything she was doing at the first thought of her late son. She felt so empty nothing mattered to her, even her health.

The rain fell heavy and kept on beating the window blind, it made rocking sounds like a clock. Signs that time keeps on counting no matter what. It was approaching the end of the rainy season and the beginning of a new season. The rain as usual brought renewal, and joy of a new beginning for everyone,but not for Rose, she just wanted all the pain to go away. She looked out the window and she spotted a rainbow in the sky. It cheered her up a bit as she finally dropped the picture on the table.

She stood up and walked to the window, staring at the rainbow in the sky. " By this time last year you were here with me." " What reason do I have to celebrate a new spring this year?". She asked herself. " How you so much loved staring at the butterflies at the park, You loved to watch the roses bloom, you always loved the idea of being reborn".

She got tired of standing and walked back to her sad chair. She took the picture again in her hands as she started to sob again. " I hope I can see you again, probably you could tell me where you are going so I can join you, I am not ready for this new season alone". These were her last words as she slowly slept off forever.


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