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As a little girl, my mother has always told me stories of princesses and princes, godmother and fairies. The one that stood out in my memory was the one of a Queen, whose kingdom was being threatened by savage from far away land.

They came in packs, took their cattle, killed her the people and took their children as slaves. Her husband, the King had fallen ill and couldn't organize his soldiers. The Queen was no soldier and knew nothing of the art of war.
After a particularly brutal attack, she went on her knees and prayed to the gods of the land, begging them to spare her people. She was willing to pay any price. The gods heard her cry and promised to help, but only in the condition that she'll go to a far way place called Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, as my mother told me, Isn't a place of happiness, but its not a place of sadness either its a place that becomes what you want it to be.
And because of the love she had for her people, the Queen took the deal. The next time the Savage attack, there was a thunderstorm that destroyed their weapons and killed their horses, while heavy flood came and swept them all away.
The Queen however, kept her promise and let the gods take her to Tomorrow, the place where there could be nothing and there could be everything. All that mattered was perspective.

Legend has it that she went to Tomorrow, and made it prosperous. She bestowed blessing on good people and punishments on bad people. She knew everything that took place in our world, that's because she lived in Tomorrow, where nothing died and could grow old.
And today, no longer a little girl at my mother lap listening to stories, I'm eighteen years. And I've chosen to go in search of Tomorrow.

I've done my research, found my maps, gathered all necessities, I was ready to move. All the way to Tomorrow.
People tell me to stop being foolish and delusional, that its all superstition. Things, like that don't exist in the 21st century. But I know better, just like my mother and her mother knew better. We know, because we are direct descendants of the Queen. And we needed to remind our people of her sacrifice, and the first thing to do would be to prove that Tomorrow did exist. A place where nothing got done and everything got done.

And so, with my backpack snug against my back, I match off to Tomorrow.


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