THE MOON ADVENTURE //The inkwell writing prompt

Moon was born six trillion years after her brother, Sun, in the period of darkness on Earth. Sun, who was born during the Age of Light, was obnoxious in his dominance. He convinced himself that he was superior to his light-deprived sibling.

Sun informed Moon when she was a child that she was made of the darkness around them and that she, like the darkness, was meant to be peaceful and quiet.

This explanation failed to account for the Moon's exploding energy or her need to be seen. She couldn't comprehend how she could be forced to sit motionless and quiet when she had a fire inside her. Moon believed there must be a way for her to be like Sun.

Moon secretly wished she could scream, 'I am not shadow!' Moon is my name, and I will shine.'

"Can't you show me how to shine?" Moon replied. I'm sure there's some light in me someplace."

Sun screamed, "No!" "Never, ever, never, never How deafeningly deafeningly

Moon secretly wished she could scream, "I am not shadow!" Moon, on the other hand, lacked both courage and confidence, so she kept her mouth shut and followed Sun.

The Sun and Moon traveled across space, visiting planets and passing through light-years. Moon would frequently be sent on errands by Sun, and Moon would wind up wandering alone.

There was never a glint or twinkle of anything but Sun. Moon could not avoid the Sun's rays, and with such overwhelming proof, Moon could not reject Sun's seeming superiority.

"I'm not a shadow anymore." "I am the Moon, and I shine." Something unexpected happened to Moon when Sun was on one of his routine errands.

She had no idea where she was. Moon was able to take a moment away from Sun for the first time. All she saw when she turned around was darkness.


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"Where am I?" Moon pondered, "have I vanished into the void?" Moon wandered, allowing time to pass.

She wandered until she came across Darkness.

“Oh! Please pardon me, Darkness.
"Of course you are," says the narrator. " and there is nothing else to say," Moon says

"Of course there is," says the narrator. "My name is Star."

And with that, Star came to life.

"You're stunning," Moon exclaimed.

"Yes, and so are you," Star responded.

"I'm nothing but darkness, Star." I was born in the dead of night. "I am nothing but darkness."

"Dear, you are partly darkness," Star said.

If you'd like, I can assist you in your search," Star added.


Moon exclaimed, "Yes, please!"

As a result, Star aided Moon in her hunt for her light.

Moon assumed Star knew where she could obtain light.

They looked for a long time.

Star and Moon had been looking for the light for so long and so hard that Moon had lost hope, wondering when Star would discover it. Moon persevered in the face of adversity. She was adamant about finding her light.

Moon finally comprehended that the light that Star was referring to was already present. Moon's interior. Everything, according to Star, has light, and all Moon had to do was find her own.

Moon's radiance grew brighter as her confidence grew. She was enlightened. Unlike the brightness of the Sun or the Star. It was a glow that could only come from the Moon.

The Moon and the Star set out to discover the Sun (which did not take long, following the light of Moon).

Moon was desperate to demonstrate to Sun that she is more than obscurity and darkness. Sun didn't notice Moon until she spoke.

Sun set into darkness, humbled by the splendour of the Moon and Star. For many light-years, the Moon and Star reigned supreme in space and on Earth. "I miss it, Star," Moon finally said. "I miss the beauty of the dark."

To locate Sun, Moon and Star slipped back into the darkness.

Moon and Sun discussed the various sorts of light when they found him. Regarding the significance of light and dark. Moon highlighted how the Sun's light differs from the Moon's light, but that they are both magnificent.

Moon requested that Sun share both the gloom and the light with her. Sun accepted Moon's request with a beaming smile, and Sun and Moon cycled between light and dark from that point forward.

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