The White Sheep Is The Real Black Sheep

Disclaimer: The characters, places, and events are fictitious and a product of author's imagination. Bold statements are the dialogue in the whole story.

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Hey Simon, where are you going? The mother of the family asked.

Club. Simon, the oldest son, answered coldly.

Tsk tsk tsk, you are just a burden in our family. Jean, the daughter, said. Simon just gives her an emotionless stare and leaves the hospital room.

This is the Venturillo family, they are known for being rich and successful. They have a popular company and are known all over the world. They have a lot of branches in each part of the world.

Mr. and Mrs. Venturillo has two children. Simon, 25 years old, has been a joyful person since young. However, he has become cold in the past few months for unknown reasons. He always goes to the club and parties.

Jean, 23 years old, is a lovely and optimistic person. She always took care of her parents. Her fathers company partners also know her because she is always with her father.

Despite being rich, their family is facing a huge problem. Mr. Venturillo got hospitalized for 5 months, he is in coma. The doctor said he can hear, but cannot move, speak, or even open his eyes. It is more likely dead. The doctors also said that he will recover only by miracle.

Since then, their family is always in chaos. Who will be the heir? heiress?

Hey dad, you need to woke up now. We missed you a lot. Jean said to the unmoving body of her father. I know that you can hear me. I love you. Then she kissed him on his forehead. Bye for now, dad. Director Bill is looking for me. Then she left the hospital room. She kissed her mom and bid her farewell.

Her mom is looking at her while walking towards the door, she is smiling. Honey, she grown up.

Among the two children, Jean is the most love person in the family because of being smart and caring person.

She is the one who stand as the CEO while you are not here, honey. She is managing it well. Mrs. Venturillo is talking to his unmoving husband. She fits to become the next CEO.

Months passed and the condition of Mr. Venturillo is getting critical and severe. He will not stay longer. The doctor told Mrs. Venturillo and Jean.

Both of them are already crying when the door suddenly opens. Simon entered the room, he has a lot of bruises on his face and body. There are small traces of blood on his shirt.

What happened to you!? his mother shouted at him, he did not respond.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!? her mother repeated but it is louder, you will feel the anger presence at her.

I had trouble in the bar, but it was nothing. He answered without looking at his mother. He is currently looking at his father, you will notice the sadness in his eyes.

You! You are just a burden in this family. You always cause trouble, you are not even visiting your father! Are you numb? Now, his condition is critical and you will go there with that look!?

Simon and the doctor stared at each other, the doctor said something but he shook his head, saying don't. The doctor nodded.

Uhh...miss you should maintain your silence for the sake of the patients.

Mom, stop it. Sorry doc, please give us privacy for now. The doctor leaves the room.

Jean looked and approached Simon. Brother, I know that you want company. But you cannot get it. I don't think if our parents even considered you as their son, tsk tsk tsk. She murmured at him while shaking her head. Please leave us alone, you are just giving us a headache.

Simon sighed and looked at his father before leaving the room. He knows that it can be his last glance at his father. Bye and sorry dad. He said to his mind.

After 3 days, the father died.

The burial did not last longer, a lot of people were sad to hear of the death of the CEO of the company. After the interment, the succession ceremony is scheduled. They need to announce and appoint a new CEO for the company.

No doubt, it is Jean. Does anyone here disagree with Jean as the new CEO? the meeting of the important people are in the meeting room. All of them shook their heads, a sign that they are in favor.

They were discussing the shares in the company when a video popped up on the TV screen.

It is a video clip of the assigned nurse of the previous CEO. In the video, she is injecting something on the previous CEO. The meeting room had chaos after the next scene in the video. It was the same nurse meeting Jean in a room while giving an envelope of money.

The succession was postponed and an investigation was conducted. They found out that Jean paid the nurse to inject something bad on his fathers body.

Jean was arrested and went to the police custody. At last, Simon inherited most of the wealth of his father including the company.

The truth is, he is always visiting his dad when there is no visitor. He also told the doctor in charge to update him and don’t tell his mother and sister. He loves his family so much, the reason why he is always going to the club is because of depression. His father got hospitalized and all of the attention of his mother is on Jean.

It turns out that Jean is the real black sheep in the family. She wants to kill her dad for wealth and inheritance.

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