In A Brink of Death

The persons, place, and events in this story are all fictitious and a product of imagination of the author. All bold statements serve as the dialogue of the characters and the plain texts are narration.

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Daddy! a 4-year old boy, Ivan, called his dad who just got home from a 1 month duty at Ilocoa City. His dad is a policeman who is known for a sincere serving on his profession and a man of principle. He is very strict when it comes to rules as he is serving in the country and always follow the rules.

He always believe that rules are rules, laws are laws, and he is obsessed with his beliefs. He is now serving for almost 20 years and in this span of time, he saved a lot of people from authorities who abuse their powers.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who hate him because of being obsessed on the laws, these people are usually "big" people who can do everything to take down their enemy.

Hi there baby, you missed me? Antonio asked his son. Yeah dad! Antonio laughed at him and started caressing his hands to Ivan's head. Don't worry, I took a day-off. We can have a bonding!

Oh when? Jodi, his wife, appeared from the kitchen. Next week, Saturday Antonio answered with a huge smile on his face. Alright, gonna get ready then. Ivan waved his hands into the air, he looks excited.

Their family is like a perfect family, they love each other, not much hate and they always understand each other. They are also helping people in needs, support some charity, and known in their place as a generous family.

Saturday comes and you cannot paint the smile on Ivan's face. He is completely smiling even after waking up. He cannot even sleep yesterday night because of the excitement that he feel for their family activity today.

It's been a long time since their whole family went outside. Later on, they started riding the car and go for their first itinerary.

The family went to the Underground Museum, Eat in a popular restaurant, Zoo, and Lucian Park to rest in the afternoon. They ate sandwiches and pizzas while they are in the park.

In short, they are having a good time during their family bonding.

Hey guys, the sun starting to set, I will start to pack up our things. Antonio said to his wife and son. Alright dad, we will watch the sunset first Ivan replied. The two laughed because of their son.

They spent watching the sunset in the beach, it has a perfect view and relaxing vibe while watching the beauty of nature.

All done! Let's go. Antonio ride on the driver's seat and started driving. You will see the disappointment in Ivan's face because he still want to stay but he cannot do anything. His dad started driving to go home at 7:00 pm. Gradually, Ivan started to fell sleep because of being exhausted throughout the whole day.

They were having a good trip when the rain started to pour and there is one car on the opposite direction that looks out of control.

The two cars crashed and Antonio's family was included on the accident. Fortunately, Jodi and Antonio can handle the situation. Despite of having bruises and wounds on their body, they immediately look for Ivan and call for a help.

He is a bad condition the paramedics arrived quickly on the scene. They are now driving into the nearest hospital to treat Ivan. They said he is in a bad shape.

Meanwhile, Jodi and Antonio are both crying while looking on their son with a flowing blood on his head. After a few hours, they arrived on the hospital.

Please anyone help my son! Antonio and Jodi shouted inside the emergency room. Other staff of the hospital started to make them calm...but then suddenly, the nurse approached them.

I don't want to waste our time but your son is in a critical condition. He needs an immediate surgery as his brain started to bleed due to impact the doctor explained.

The start the surgery! Please tell me that you can treat him...please

Although the two are afraid of the things that might happen, they said that they would agree for an immediate surgery.

...but the doctor continued.

What!? Antonio shouted to the doctor. He is out of control on his emotions.

His condition is a tough one and in this hospital, there is only one doctor who can possibly do the surgery. the doctor said calmly.

Then call him!

Sir, the doctor is suspended for 3 days for violating one of the rules in the hospital. His suspension is also based on the hospital rules.

The voice of the doctor was repeating on Antonio's head.


Poor Antonio started to cry, he don't want to break any rules. He never did that on his 20 years of service. He never think that he will experience this situation.

O-okay... he answered. He looked on his wife and wave his head saying that he cannot do it. He wants to follow the rules.

His wife looked at him with her "unbelievable" look. She cannot believe that he can sacrifice his son for his beliefs. NO! WE ARE DOING THIS! She slapped her husband because of her madness. What is wrong with you!? Both of them are now crying...

...then suddenly, someone grabbed Antonio's shirt and punched him on the face. What is wrong with you? a doctor on his gown looking at him madly. He is Doctor Vera, the suspended doctor in the hospital. He is known for being passionate on his profession. He can sacrifice his life for his patient. He can break the rules for his patient.

He punched again the poor Antonio, he don't care if the people watching them will call him unprofessional, he just want to save Ivan.

Suddenly, Antonio stopped the doctor's fist. Alright, start the surgery

Doctor Vera and other staffs rushed to the operation room and started the surgery.

After almost 11 hours of operation, doctors went outside the operation with a huge smile. The surgery went well Ivan's parents hugged each other while crying. But we still need to monitor him because he is still not in a stable condition. We will do our best for him. Doctor Vera smiled at them and tapped Antonio's shoulder. Sorry for the punches he smiled. It was fine, thank you Antonio replied.

After months of recovery in the hospital, Ivan is lucky to survive. His family is back to normal but there are some changes...his dad retired as a policeman and gave up on his license

Author’s Note: It's been a long time since I shared a story. I am busy in the outside world. It's great to be back and participate on @theinkwell prompt.

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