I Missed My Birthday

-With sprinkles of green leaves and cherries, candles lit at every corner of the house. The hall oozed with the smell of wine and nature. Music vibrating the walls of the house, Low key music of course because Grandma doesn't like noise. I sway my hips to the right, then to the left...

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~Xtian what are you doing?

-Preparing for my birthday of course, isn't it obvious.

~Your birthday? We are in April, your birthday is a month away.

-You see you humans would never understand these things. James how old do you think I'll be come March 16th?

~I don't know, 85 or something.

-We have been friends all your life, literally since you were a baby, and you don't know how old I am?

~How do you expect me to keep up, everything about you and your kind is pretty confusing.

-James, I'm going to be 1000 years old. Do you know what that means? I will become a killoelf.

~What is killoelf and what's so special about it?

-Really! Don't they teach you anything about elves in that stupid school of yours.

~Yeah, they teach us to stay away from y'all, cause you elves are really mischievous.

-Silly humans. Now when I turn 1000, I'll fully unlock my powers. I'd grow my wings and I'll be able to cast a lot of magical spells.

~Wow, that means you be able to fly me to touch the moon and fly me round the world.

-Stay focused James. Now you know why the birthday has to be perfect. A lot of my family members would be there.

~Family members, I thought you were the last elf.

-Just because I'm called Xtian the last elf doesn't mean I'm the last elf. I'm the only one that interacts with humans, the rest prefer to stay hidden.

~Woah, any chance you've got a beautiful elf cousin I can marry?

-James, enough of the questions. I have to get going. Take this, on this paper are a list of things you must set up for my birthday.

~Are you sure you can trust me with all this responsibility. Where are you off to anyways?

-I've got relations across the world, they have to be present and watch me turn into a killoelf


The next day, Xtian headed out to meet his fellow elves in different parts of the world. The first few weeks of his journey was a success, they were all happy that he was finally going to become a killoelf. The next elf on his list was his grandmother, she was the oldest elf in his family and also one of the few elves that refused to accept civilisation. They still lived in the ancient elf ruins.

Dry leaves rustled as he made his first step into the elf ruins. Everywhere was suspiciously quiet, not even the sound of chirping birds could be heard. Wind whistled, shedding the trees of the few leaves left on them. It was the spring season, yet it seemed like this forest hasn't seen rainfall in ages. Suddenly he heard tweaks breaking, approaching footsteps and voices whispering.

-Who is there? Show yourself!- Xtian said picking up a stick.

~Drop the stick!
Get on the ground now!
Let me see your hands.

Several men with crossbows came out of the bushes surrounding Xtian. He was completely outnumbered.

-Listen y'all don't want to be messing with an elf.

~Shut up and get on the ground.

They rushed him, shoved his face in the dirt, One of the men reached out for his neck, like he was searching for something then he said.

~He doesn't have the mark.

-We can't be too careful. Four of you, tie him up and take him back to base. The rest of us will search the area incase he was not alone."


Few hours later, Xtian wakes up next to several other elves tied up to a huge rock in a cave.

-What did they do to you guys?

He asked, as he noticed that the eyes of the other elves were completely red. Some of his captors were at a distance chatting around a fire. Water was dripping from several parts of the cave, it was like they were sitting under a river. If you listened closely you could hear the sound of water flowing nearby. He tried to communicate with the elves, but they were acting weird, so he decided to talk to the humans.

-You guys want to tell me what is going on here?

He got no reply, but he wasn't going to stop screaming till he gets their attention.

-Let me go now, and I promise I will let you all keep your head.

One of the men finally walked up to him.

-Now listen to me, you don't seem cursed like the rest of them. Be calm and after two weeks if you don't show any symptoms, we will let you go. But if you keep screaming, I might have to kill you here and now."

-What do you mean cursed like the rest?

-Oh you don't know, a witch placed a curse on all you elves living in this ruins.

-I don't know what you are talking about, but I don't have two weeks. I need to find my grandmother and I'll be out of your hair.

-I can't let you go without being certain that you are not cursed.

-Look, I'm not cursed or anything. But you all might become cursed if you don't let me go.

Xtian was still speaking when the man hit him hard, and he passed out. Several days passed and no one heard from Xtian.


Back in the city, several elves and humans were clustered in a hall beautifully designed with roses and green flowers. Candles were lit at every corner of the hall. Soft music blasted in the background, James was seen walking to and fro speaking to his cellphone.

-Xtian it's me again. Everything is set, everyone is here. Where the hell are you? Get back to me, you are getting me pretty worried. I mean, You don't want to miss the show. It's your birthday mofo!

Xtian still tied up, could feel something happening in his body, then he started laughing out loud. The men gathered around, ready to shoot, suspecting that the curse was manifesting.

-Seems you were cursed after all.

-Now this is different. I think today is my birthday, and I just became a killoelf

-What the hell is that supposed to mean?

-You know, you humans should really study more about elves in your schools.

With that said, his wings sprouted. The men tried to shoot him down, but he was too fast. He flew out of the cave and headed into the elf ruins in search of his grandmother leaving the men in awe.

~What the hell was that?

Actually this story was inspired with the fact that I missed St Patrick's day. And I missed the opportunity to participate In the inkwell Elf contest. I mean if anyone should have written lots of stories about elves, it should have been me 😅

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