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Upside Down @sonofremi

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Solomon layed on his back passed out in his bedroom, his half smoked cigar still in his hand and an open engagement ring box on the cupboard near the bed and a torn up envelope from his workplace, empty bottles of alcohol littered the room. He felt like his life was going nowhere so he was deeply sad today, after passing out for almost 8 hours he woke from his slumber. Then he walked into his bathroom and stared long and hard at the image there. The person looked like him but he stood staring at himself. The image stroked his jaw and stared at him. Solomon thought that may be he was seeing things and then he used water to wash his face. He looked up again and the image still looked at him. The figure spoke up and said, "Your making a mess of our life, I think you should let me drive for a while". Solomon couldn't believe his eyes he felt light headed and fell to the floor.

The figure takes control of Solomon's body and stood from the floor. He then picked up a shaving stick and cleared his facial hair. He took a black cap and a camera from the closet and went out the door. "I'm going to fix this he said under his breath".

The figure drove to an abandoned motel and staked out there. He waited till evening came and Solomon's boss car pulls up and parks in the parklot. He hides in his front side when he sees the car enter the parking lot. He took his camera out and was ready to capture a shot, Solomon's boss crossed the car and opened the door for a younger lady in her twenties. As the door falls open they started to kiss and the figure in the car takes pictures of them while zooming in on the man's wedding ring. He makes sure to get enough photos then drives off.


The next day he came to the firm and walked straight to the manager's office. He didn't ask for any permission, he just opens the door and seat down with his legs on the table. There was obvious shock on the manager's face and he threatened to call security if he didn't leave. The figure let out a loud laughter and then threw the pictures on the table, he then said, "I should be the one giving demands so shut up and listen". "From today hence forth, am going on a paid leave till whenever I want to come back, and I want a raise cause you don't pay me shit for
the amount of work I do for you ", the figure said. Solomon's manager stared at the photos in shock and gave the figure a nod of approval, the figure stood and then took a hand full of mint from the display dish on the table and stormed out the room.

The next day, the figure open Solomon's phone and texted Fiona (Solomon's Fiancée) that there was an SOS and he was in the hospital. Fiona panicked as she struggled to find her keys with tears in her eyes as she raced to her car door. The figure then sent her his location on Goggle map and told her to follow the map to find him. The gps lead her to the beach, she was confused and started to ask people for the nearest hospital in the area, she was directed by a seller at a nearby stand to check near the beach, so she walked towards the sand. She saw a figure at the far end of the beach staring at water but the figure looked very familiar so she moved towards it. Fiona discovered that it was Solomon he was not in any form of danger. On seeing her, the figure got on his knees and apologised to her, he deeped his hand in his back pocket and brought out a ring. Fiona beings to tear up and takes the ring as they share a kiss.

Fast Forward

The Figure stood in front of a mirror in a double breasted suit, he looks behind him and tells his bestman to leave the room. He stares into the mirror and Solomon appear, the figure said, "You should change the way you see the world, nobody passes attention to the ones that give up". They both say it at the same time," Only the winners shall inherit the earth". The figure chuckled and said,"Remember that's what mom used to say". Solomon asked the figure, "Who are you?", the figure smile and say, "Am you, but from another time".


They both exchange place now, the figure stared at Solomon from the other part of the mirror.

Solomon looked up at him and said, "Thank you".

Open a door in your imagination and I will walk you through it-@sonofremi

I enjoyed reading the post from @milezofplay and am still waiting on @mondraye to drop his entry into this week's prompt. I had to use the prompt of previous week due to the fact that I wasn't inspired by this week's prompt. Thank you @theinkwell for your constant support.

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