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Jane and Gabrielle had been friends from a long time, they had know each other from a very young age hence they were inseparable. The two had made there parents friends even, Gabrielle's mom sometimes make cookies with Jane for there frequent sleepovers.

Jane and Gabrielle had fought in Thomas party and now they sat in a Ford pickup as Jane drove up to make out mouth. They sat side by side not talking to each other because they had just had an argument. It was a full moon on Halloween, they drove up to make out mountain to be alone. Jane was dressed as a run-away bride with dark eye shadow that covered her whole eyes like she had been crying, Gabrielle painted her body with white paint to look like a skeleton and wore a black dress, she appeared to dress like death or a Mexican celebrating there feast for the dead.



The car came to hault and Jane came down she had obviously been crying, Gabrielle came out and stood in front of her. "So early when you said, you had your first kiss, it was with Thomas ". Jane continued, "You know I have had a crush on him since we were little kids". Gabrielle replied, "He kissed me, I didn't kiss him". Jane was furious at this words and yelled out, " Liar". She was angry at Gabrielle at what she had done.

Jane and Gabrielle would sometimes come out to make out mountain to smoke a blunt and make fun of young couples they found making out there. They argued on there favourite spot, the ground in that area was not level.

Jane was furious and pushed Gabrielle, it was an innocent nudge out of anger for kissing her crush but Gabrielle had lost her balance and was throbbing down the mountain now, Jane had scream as shock filled her system. Jane held her belly as she wept and called out Gabrielle's name. She kept on screaming till she felt somebody coming from the woods then she got into her car and fled.

The news of Gabrielle a bright student of Nashville spread round town and people went to make out hill to make small altars, burn candles and say a prayer for Gabrielle. The news devasted Gabrielle's mother she had fallen unexpectedly ill since she held the news, she was a single parent and she told it hard. The police kept on investigating the mysterious death but they always hit dead-end because Jane had covered her tracks well. Jane had to give a public speech in honor of Gabrielle at her funeral and behave like everything was fine to avoid sucipisons.


Fast Forward

Years later the dealth of Gabrielle still plagues Nashville and the football stadium in town had been named after Gabrielle. We see Jane in an office giving a press conference, she looked like a lady in her early thirties, she had been running a campaign for Mayor and she used the story of her lost bestfriend to draw in the sympathy of the voters.

Jane walks into her office and she discovered that she has an email from someone named Anonymous she opens the file and play the video in it. Blood is drained from her face as she sees herself in the video pushing Gabrielle over the edge. She immediately closes the laptop and as she closes it, she gets a call from an unknown number . With a voie full of panic, she said,"Who is this and What do you want ?" The unknown voice over the phone continued, "I am happy to see I have your attention Miss Jane". "If you don't want that little video of yours to go viral, I suggest you send $100,000 to that account in the email", the unknown voice said. Jane gripped her phone with fear and anger she wondered why would this come up now in her political campaign she was on a good track to winning, she wondered wherther her opponents had plotted this, but waved the idea away because nobody was smart enough to pull this off. She said over the phone, "I would get you money but you have to take it in cash". "It would be suspicious if I send that amount to an off-shore swiss bank, I would be tried for fraud because my account activities is being monitored as a political candidate". The Unknown voice in the call, start to get agitated they did think that they would spent this much time on the call.

Jane answerd the call on her mobile phone, so she picked up her landline on the other side of the table and begin to dial a number, it was her side fling that was now in the FBI she had put him there and he owed her one.

She spoke over the other phone in a low tune and demanded that the Agent start to track the caller on the other line. She tried to keep the conversation going with the unknown voice as the FBI agent tried to pin-point his location. The killer later said, Marydale parklot you would see a white Toyota Camry put the money in the front seat and leave it there. The unknown caller ended the call. Jane went back to her landline and asked the agent, "Did you get it?" The agent replied, "We have him, Jane what is this about he asked". Jane said on the line, "It's a personal something, send me the coordinates". She ended the call. She picked her phone and called her uncle in the drug cartel, she demanded for some weapons and explosives. This meant war, she thought to herself.

On the day she was supposed to meet she wore all black and waited in a car in the same parking lot waiting for the unknown caller to arrive and pickup the package. She gripped her glock that was in her front seat. "Why dont i just shoot him" she thought. She had made sacrifices to be at this point in her life and she would not back down now because of one stupid mistake in her teens. A figure appeared in the corner and walked up to the Toyota and opened the door and got in. She made a slight gesture to the hired kidnappers waiting in a black range rover across the parking lot. They both got down from the car and made their way towards the toyota car.
In no time they had him in a bag and inside their trunk.
They drove for over an hour to an isolated warehouse in the country side with jane following at the back.


Jane came into the abandoned warehouse and poured herself a glass of champagne. She prepared herself for the interogation , smoking a blunt she felt calm and determined to end the issue there. Since the incident on Makeout mountain it had been difficult for Jane to quit smoking, she took it as a leisure activity. She stared at the being seated in front of her tied, and with no hope of escaping she felt like a queen, she gestured for her two kidnappers to leave the room and they both left.
Removing the black vail on his head to unveil his face.
"He looks quite innocent" she thought.
"Whats your name young man"? She asked. "Trevor" he replied.

She was interpreted by a call on her phone, the voice over the phone said, "You just kidnapped trevor the Pizza delivery guy, and you still owe me my $100,000". She felt panick fill her system as she recognised his voice, it was the unknown caller, The caller said, "I will give you one last chance to redeem yourself, come to where it all began". The caller ends the call, Jane is furious and throws her phone to the other end of the room.

She immediately called on her kidnappers to give him a drug to induce Trevor with temporal amnesia so he wouldn't remember anything that happened. They dumped him in an unknown alley.

Jane drove in her car that night in her black hoodie with a glock in the pockets of the hoodie. It was a full moon and she came to a stop at Makeout mountain, this what he meant by where it all started. She parked next to a vintage car, that looked very familiar. She pulled out her weapon and held the briefcase in another hand. She saw a figure at the same exact spot she pushed Gabrielle. It appeared to be a man, he turned around to revive his face and it was Thomas( the guy that had kissed Gabrielle and Jane's old high-school crush). She lowered her gun and said, "Thomas what the fuck are you doing here?" Thomas grunted as he said,"You killed her and I saw everything". Jane raised her gun pointed at Thomas and said, "Be careful to choose your next words wisely Thomas, cause they might be your last". People start to appear from the near-by woods with there guns pointed at Jane. "THIS IS THE POLICE DROP YOUR WEAPON ".

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