Invisible Voice



It's time" the invisible voice came again. This time the voice was stronger, clearer and more real. I felt this strong feeling all over me, my head felt heavy. I could tell there's something in the room. I picked up my flashlight and flashed it round the room, to every corner and as the first time there was nothing there.

This was my third night in my granny's house. I always loved spending the holidays with her. I've grown so fine of her and she fond of me, that every holiday I requested on spending it with grandma. Although mum has on several occasions refused. But I'm with the help of my dad I always succeed.
This holiday I had so much anticipated seeing grandma that I couldn't sleep the night before I traveled.

Mum as usual was against my going but I didn't care. I already knew dad was going to say something on my behalf and as usual he did and here I was at granny's place. But unlike the other holidays I wasn't at home in granny's house. I felt the urge to urinate but I was scared of leaving the bed. Just then I heard footsteps on the walkway, my body got cold I was shivering even understand the intense heat in africa.

I was sure it wasn't grandma that was walking around the house. She always went to bed early before me and she never get out of her room until morning when it was time for prayers. She sleeps in the room opposite mine. She had insisted we sleep together but I declined and choose the room opposite hers. It was her late son's room.

My mum's immediate brother, who happened to be the last child of grandma. He had died a mysterious death that nobody could tell what really happened. I shrugged the thought off my mind as the footsteps got closer.
"It's time" the voice came again this time In a loud shrill.

"Who's there?" I asked in a shaky voice. But nobody answered instead the footsteps got closer. I grabbed my phone and jumped off the bed and hid behind the cupboard. Breathing heavily, at the same time trying to control my breath as I unlocked my phone and made to call my dad. There was no network reception on my phone.

I closed my eyes and wished this was all a dream. Was this why mum never wanted me to visit?. Was her brothers spirit still hovering around the house?. Was he haunting me?. I thought of several things at once. Then tears began to drop down my cheek.

I stared at the gap between the door and the floor I could see a bright light and the shadows grew bigger as it got nearer and nearer to the door. I shut my eyes as the door flung open. I couldn't see what was at the door as the bright light blinded my vision.

"Wake up my dear, it's time for prayers" grandma tapped me with a flashlight on my face. I jerked up the bed at the same time covering my eyes with my palm to prevent the flashlight from my eye. I was sweating profusely.

"Are you alright?, You spoke in your sleep" grandma asked.
"It's a dream" I said instead
"Nothing, I'll be out in five minutes" I replied grandma as I stood up the bed and made for the bathroom.
The dream felt so real.

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