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Harry tried forcing a laugh as he sat there with friends and family at Sandras bachelors party. He was not happy. He was loosing the woman of his dreams to another man. What was he gonna do?.
Sandie as he called her has been his bestie and childhood friend ever since the clocked five years.

Their mums had developed a great bond since sandies family moved into the town. Her father has just been promoted and transfered to the companies headquarters in thier town. Their mother spent so much time together that the kids grew fond of each other. Harry developed feelings for sandie at their first year in highschool. He could not tell what or how it happened but all he knew was that he felt this butterflies in his belly anytime sandie was around.

He tried telling himself it was not true but by the time the were in college. He realized that he does not just love sandie but he wished she was his girl. He tried at so many intervals to let her know not by words but by his actions yet sandie was not able to notice the signs.

Now here he was sited at her bachelors party wishing it was not true. When he first heard of her engagement he had walked up to sandie to be sure it was true.

"Yes, it's true". Sandie had answered him between smiles.
He stood there staring at her wishing she would say it was all a prank.
" Hey harry, are you not gonna congratulate me" sandie has said instead.
"Yeah, sorry, i uhm.. I gotta go." he replied and turned to leave. He could not bear it. To that he was going to loose her forever.

"Harry, i thought you came so we could spend some time together?." Sandie asked
" I just uhm.. remembered i have stuffs i need to do " he lied as he swallowed hard. He was sweating. And looked pale all of a sudden.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, sure" he said as he hurriedly left.
He faked a smile as Sandie threw a joke at him. He felt like he was suffocating. He needed some air. He stood up excused himself and left the others. Outside the building he stood and lighted a cigarette. This is crazy. He stood there in silence.

"Hey Harry," Sandie called as he startled. She had walked in seconds ago.
"What are you doing here?" he asked instead. "You should be at your party"
"Its beautiful, is it not?" said trying to switch the conversation.
"You need to go back"
"Not until i find out why you have been acting strange lately. Ever since you go to know i was getting married" she inquired.

"Do not be ridiculous Sandie, i'm happy for you" he replied as he took another puff from the cigarette
"You smoke only when you are not happy, " she took the cigarette from him and threw it away. "You avoid me these days".

"No no, i ...'" jeff stuttered trying to find the best words.
"Why did you not tell me?"
Tell you what?"
"That you love me"
"Do not lie to me" Sandie screamed silencing Harry. She was crying " I wished it was you, i waited years for you to pop the question. In high school and college. For years i loved you hoping you would do the same. Clearly you were not man enough to ask me out. I wanted more with you than just friendship" she paused wipes her tears.
Turning to leave, she made her way back to were the others were. Right at the door she turned and said " I would be moving in with my husband to the city after our wedding. I hope you find love Harry". Harry was sad and he Left silently.

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