Clouds on a Clear Day...


Image by dae jeung kim from Pixabay

It was a cold morning. The clouds hung over the skies and prevented the sun from being visible. And even though it was already a good way past dawn, it looked and felt like everyone should actually still be in bed. I rolled that thought in my head for a bit, and I was certain...

I should actually be rolled up in bed right now!

Instead I sat at the passenger's seat in front of the eighteen sitter bus, heading for school, and I didn't know whether to curse my luck or just relax. I simply knew that today I was going to be late. I was in a vantage position, and I could see the traffic go far a ways in front of us.

I should actually be in bed!

I knew I had made an error in taking the bus rather than a bike as mum had instructed earlier before I left the house, but I had thought better about it. Mum is not a know-it-all I told myself as I had boarded the bus. This weather was too good to be caught on a bike. At least on the bus, I could nap for a bit. At least that was what I told myself.

Only now I couldn't actually nap. The traffic and the feeling of being punished for getting late to school hung over my like the clouds above, only these ones weren't good clouds. And now I couldn't get the thought off my mind.

I should actually be in my bed!

Another disturbing thought came around... What if the morning assembly was still on when I got to school? Everyone would laugh at me for being punished. Or what if Sarah was there still?

That particular thought spoiled my mood even further. Sarah, the girl with the pretty lunch box, and the very pretty smile. I quietly wished I was her best friend rather than that no-good Jack. Funny how he always seems to be closer to the girls than every other boy in class. Plus he always has the better grades too.

I wish I was better than Jack!

The car honking behind us brought me away from my thoughts for a minute. Why, the traffic wasn't even moving yet. I could still see the long line of cars going on for miles and miles and miles...

Someone was tapping my legs now, I didn't understand why, but I couldn't see anyone. I turned and looked at the driver... He was smiling and saying something at me... I couldn't make out the words... All of these didn't really worry me though, as much as the fact that...

I should actually have been in bed...

A sudden shove suddenly brought me wide awake. I rubbed out my tired eyes for a few moments. The driver was actually looking at me and talking, that was not a dream. Only now I could hear the words clearly...

"Young man, where do you intend to alight?"

I looked around me, and suddenly, like the clouds which had now lifted, it dawned on me. I had not only napped in the bus, but I was now two stops after my intended destination.

As I alighted and started walking the slow journey back to my school gate, I knew I was beyond late now. Many questions ran through my mind...

Why was the weather this good? Why did I not take a bike? Why did I even have to go to school?

I knew punishment awaited me. I thought about my friends, I thought about Sarah...

What was that thing Auntie Polly always said about rains and pours... I knew that was my lot today. I cursed my luck.

I should have just stayed in bed...



Going to school as a child holds a lot of memories for me. There was a time I was stuck in traffic because we moved houses and I didn't really know the best route from our new house. I actually ended up alighting from the bus and taking a bike that day (in real life), but I still got to school late. I ended up not taking classes that day, but that is a story for another time, lol...

Anyways, that memory birthed this little story of mine. I hoped you enjoyed reading.


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