My College Crush

During my stay in the college, a particular event happened that always sends chills down my spine each time I remember it. It was in the second year of my college that I stumbled into this beautiful, God-bless-you, fair, and heavily contoured lady. I mean, she was excessively classy and assy. As I walked passed her, it was like being in the midst of heavenly bodies, and I could not stop my neck from turning to catch a fuller glimpse of her beauty.

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It was adorable to have walked side-by-side her. Well, I had to run a background research and I found out that she attended the school fellowship and was in the choir. I had to join the fellowship and the choir even though I knew nothing about songs. After all, I was not joining to sing in the first place. The first day I joined the choir, fate made it possible that she came and sat next to my seat. Brothers and sisters, I did not hear anything that was said that day, I constantly turned to steal a gaze at her from the corner of my eyes.

After the choir meeting, I extended a "hello" to her and amazingly, she replied. You can imagine how excited I was but I did not know my village people were slowly creeping into my life. One thing led to another thing and things progressed until we got talking, and this was about a month. Finally, she honoured the advances I have been making and decided to visit me. Alleluya!!! I thought it was an answered prayer. Little did I know that more prayer points were brewing.

I did not have any food in the house because I used to eat in the school canteen. So she quickly went to the kitchen to put together some food. The food she chose to prepare was my best food (pigeon pea pudding) but after that day, the food became a nightmare. I mean, when she presented the food, I could literally see pillars of salt in the food, not to talk about the pepper content that will be enough to cook for the whole nation. That was not just it. The same types of stones that David used to kill Goliath were in the food.

Love has a way of beclouding people's normal sense of reasoning and I was already a victim of it because my sense of reasoning was already beclouded. I had to force my throat to accept the food and I constantly let off a borrowed smile... all because of love. The food that would have normally taken me 10 minutes to finish took close to 1 hour because of the labour-intensive work of separating the stones from the pudding to save my teeth from catastrophe.

Image from Pixabay

I still had to let it slide. However when I saw her using soap and sponge to wash the yam she wanted to cook for dinner, I knew that it is finished. I realized that I had a spilt-second decision to either run or flee. Well, I combined both options and I am grateful I did.

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Peace on y'all