Pure heart

Lekan and his aunty have been living together ever since Lekan's parents died in a car accident, Lekan's aunty (Asake) started taking care of the property that Lekan's parents left behind and she has been so good to Lekan as well.

Lekan was just ten and he was in secondary school while his aunty was thirty years single but not searching, she had so many heartbreaks which made her focus on the family business instead of getting married.

There was a young man in Lekan's school who was not ready to settle down because he was broke, he was Lekan's mathematics teacher he was very handsome which made every female teacher crush on him. Aside from his salary he has nothing, Lekan like him so he promised to make him his aunt's husband.

"Good morning sir," the class greeted Mr Kent the mathematics teacher.

"You can have your seat," Kent replied to the pupils and the mathematics class began.

Some hours later, the school bell rang for break time.

"Lekan ran to Mr. Kent's office immediately after he heard the bell.

"Good after sir," Lekan greeted his teacher.

"How are you, boy?" Kent asked.

"Am fine thank you, sir," Lekan replied.

"Good to hear," Kent replied as he continued what he was doing before Lekan came into his office.

"Sir I have something for you," Lekan said.

"Oh, you came to see me? And what is that you have for me?" Kent asked.

"Here," Lekan stretched a box to him.

"What's this Lekan?" Kent asked and he opened the box.

"What? How did you get all these fruits? And how did you know I like fruity?" He asked.

"I noticed you love to do example with fruits in the class, that I why I brought fruits for you, and more so I noticed you don't go out for break like every other teacher," Lekan said to him.


"I am always busy with study that is why I don't go out for lunch," Kent tried to deny the fact that he doesn't eat in the school because he doesn't have money to buy it.

They both talked in the office throughout the break time and later in the day.

"Lekan! Lekan!! Who took the fruits I bought from the market yesterday?" Asake asked Lekan.

"But Aunty didn't I have the right to the fruits? Lekan asked his aunty.

"You do but not everything, because you know how much I love fruits," Asake replied.

"Ok am sorry, I gave it to one of my classmates who doesn't have food to eat," Lekan replied with a sorry face.

"You know that is called stealing right, because you never asked for my permission before taking it," Asake asked.

"But....," Lekan was about to talk when his aunty hijacked the word from him.

"No, but... Don't ever take things in this house without my permission," she scold Lekan before going into the kitchen to cook for dinner.

After dinner,

"Ma, am sorry I stole fruits from the house, I won't do that again," Lekan apologized to her aunty.

"It's fine, just don't do that again," she replied.

The next day, Lekan got into the kitchen and after taking his lunch box he took an extra plate for his uncle in school, while his aunty was around the corner looking at him packing the food, but she acted as if she didn't know anything.

They got to Lekan's school and instead of dropping him off and leaving she got down from the car which surprised Lekan.

"Why did you get out of the car?" Lekan asked.

"I need to see that person you have been stealing food for in your class," Asake replied.

"But... Ma.. I apologized last night," Lekan said.

"And you took another one today," Asake replied.

"No, I didn't," Lekan denied.

"So let me see your bag or else I will report you to your headmaster," Asake said to Lekan at the school gate.

While they were dragging the matter, Kent was coming to close the gate and he saw the two of them dragging Lekan's bag.

"What is going on here, madam why are you dragging the innocent boy's bag?" Kent asked Asake.

"He is my son, do you have any problem with that?" Asake replied to Kent angrily.

Kent wasn't convinced enough so he asked Lekan, "Is she truly your mom?".

"Yes sir, she is," Lekan replied as he dropped the bag for Asake.

"I am Lekan's math teacher," Kent introduced himself while Asake opened the bag and saw another food pack inside his bag so she reported to Kent how Lekan had been stealing food for his classmates.

"He should have asked me instead of stealing the food," she said angrily.

"I am so sorry ma'am I will deal with him," Kent replied trembling because he knew all the food Lekan had stolen was given to him.

During the break time, Kent went to Lekan's class.

"Lekan see me in my office now,"

"Sir I never meant for that to happen, I only wanted to help," Lekan said immediately after he got into Kent's office.

"So you have been stealing all the food to give me lunch food? But you said it was your mother who always gave you extra in case anyone is hungry in my class," Kent said regretfully.

"Am sorry sir, I only wanted to help," Lekan replied.

In the evening, Kent came to Lekan's house to apologize for taking food from Lekan.

"Good evening ma'am, I am here to apologize for something," Kent said to Asake.

"Apologize for what? Are you not Lekan's mathematics teacher?" Asake asked.

"Yes I am, what happened was that Lekan has been bringing all the food he stole from the house to me, and I had no idea he was taking them without your permission," Kent went on his knees as he explained because he knew the repercussions of what he did by taking food from a student.

"Wow, wonders shall never end, but he told me he has been given it to his classmates," Asake replied.

"I am deeply sorry ma'am," Kent apologized again.

"For you to have come to apologize that means you truly didn't know where he got it from but I blame you for taking them because he is just a child," Asake replied.

"I was so hungry to the extent that I couldn't reject the food, but I am very sorry," Kent replied while tears filled his eyes.

"Get up Mr. Kent," Asake replied.

He got up and was about to leave when Asake told him to have dinner with them and also promised to help him so that he wouldn't get hungry again, but Lekan's wish never came to pass because Asake didn't see Kent as a man she could settle down with, while Kent on the other hand too feels like Asake standard is too high for him but they became friends anyways.

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