The Origin of Elephant Has Long Nose


In ancient times there lived a group of elephants in a dense forest. They huddled together with the elephant. They are waiting for the baby elephant to be born. They gathered with their children. A really cool look of an elephant is a short nose with long tusks. The thick fur is the pride of every elephant. They will try to show off their good looks.
Each male elephant will huddle while stroking their tusks. Once they wipe the short nose which is a symbol of their status. They clustered around the elephant's house about to give birth.
A mother elephant is very pregnant and it is time to give birth. Everyone is hopeful. especially elephant father. This is their first child. They hope that the elephant family peners will be born who will raise the family.
"Surely your child will look like you," said the elephant who looked very handsome.
"Hopefully he can be the pride of all of us."
"Yes, thanks to all," replied the future father elephant.
Suddenly, from inside the elephant's house, you heard the mother elephant giving birth.
"Father, come here. Look at our son's born."
"Congratulations, you've become the elephant's father."
The elephant father immediately rushed into the house. But what a surprise to see their child who is different from all the elephants. The baby elephant has a long nose.
The elephant father came out with a gloomy face.
The hope of having a handsome child measured by a short nose was not fulfilled. He felt embarrassed by all the elephants present. He also knew that one day all his friends would make fun of him.

All the elephants present were seen sneering at the calf. They think it is a failure if they do not have a calf as handsome as their parents.

Fortunately there is an old elephant who is wise.
"Don't be sad. All of this will become beautiful in its time."

Day by day the calf grows among his friends. The oddity of an elephant with a long nose makes him always a source of ridicule.
"Short nose is bad. It is ugly." said their friends. Some time the long nose feel sad and frustrated

However, when he returned home, the elephant's father and mother encouraged him.
" Don't have to be sad."
this is what keeps the long nosed elephant cheerful. he was always diligent in helping his father and mother.
One day he went to the forest with his father and mother. He saw a very delicious leaf. The elephant father wanted to climb but the tree was very slippery. Finally the little elephant tried to grab the tree's dahana with its long nose. After that the father and mother can take the leaves to eat.
this makes the father and mother of the elephant no longer sad. They are proud that their child's nose is of great benefit.

When the elephants' friends are playing they are thirsty and want to drink. However, the water in the lake is drying up. the distance of the water is deep enough from the edge of the lake which is steep. They want to enter the lake but are worried that they will not be able to get out of the lake. The calves start to panic. They are very worried about becoming dehydrated and could die of thirst.
"Let's just go down to the lake."
"Don't! Later we could fall in and we get scolded by your father and mother."
They were getting weaker and could only sit near the steep lake.
In the midst of the panic came a long-nosed elephant. He immediately stuck out his long nose to suck the water. After that, spray it on all the friends who are already limp. They can feel the freshness of the lake water and return to normal health.
They are very grateful to the long-nosed elephant. They also apologized for their mocking attitude.
They regret making fun of friends who are not the same way they are. They realized this mistake and promised not to do it again.
Finally they can live together and full of intimacy.
That all story of the origin long nose of elephant.

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