The Hunters Moon

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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh the wind blew that night under the full moon. It had been told for seasons that La luna de los cazadores (the hunters moon) came with it all sorts of mysterious creatures. Even so, usually, on that particular night, hunters had the luck of catching all sorts of game. These hunters were no ordinary men. They would fortify themselves with various spells in order not to be taken away unexpectedly by these other-worldly beasts.

Once upon a time, a popular hunter shared a tale of how he met the most beautiful maiden he had ever set his eyes upon in his lifetime. Her eyes amplified the beauty of the moon. Her breast were perky and her shape was what one would call perfect. Even with his charms, Alejandro could not resist this damsel for her charm proved somewhat stronger than his. He had strayed a bit too far away from his group and was at the brink of being taken away by this spirit being.

She called out his name in the softest and sweetest tone he’d ever heard. He couldn’t even stop to think for a moment how someone he had never met before could know his name for he had been mesmerized. She sang and danced drawing him closer and closer to herself. Something inside him tried to resist but her powers proved too strong.
She stretched forth her arm and when he held onto it, he could feel something leaving his body.

Soon he realized that the once beautiful damsel was slowly turning into the the dreaded seven tailed beast every hunter prayed never to encounter. The story of the seven tailed beast had been passed down to generations for centuries. Many people believed it and many didn’t because no one had encountered it during their lifetime. Some even assumed it was just a tale, told to scare people from going out on the night of the hunters moon. Hunters, however, knew better because even on nights before the hunters moon, they had encounters with spirit beings. He tried everything he could to free himself from the beast’s grasps but failed. Then suddenly, he remembered the sapphire ring which was passed down to him by his grandfather. Forged from the fires of Azitka and infused with white water magic, it had the powers to resist the forces of even the most powerful mystical beasts.

The Sapphire ring was the last of seven, owned by the seven most power hunter-protectors from the time of the Mages. Even though these rings worked together to repel the forces of evil, each had the power to work independently from the others. Each worked by drawing powers from the white water magic that was found in the atmosphere rays of the moonlight.

At that moment, he managed to put his hand into his side purse and slipped on the ring. Suddenly, he got this surge of energy run through his body. He got more stamina on his legs and was able to push the beast to a reasonable distance. They both wrestled for about four hours before he was able to push the beast back into a portal which it had opened earlier. Using the powers of the ring he was able to seal the portal and locked the beast in the other realm never to return again.

“I couldn’t believe I almost lost my life, all because I strayed away from the goal” He said to himself. Indeed all that glitters is not gold and I must always stay focused on my mission next time. Alejandro made sure his story was passed down to generations after him.

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