Smoking mirror | The InK Well Prompt #27



My world is a perpetual reflection, wherever I look I see myself reflected. The sky was fragmented with mirrors, like a big diamond, the ground was an imitation of the true reality, made of reflective glass. Mountains and rivers of steaming glass. In my world the fog was predominant. That's how I created it, that's how I designed it to isolate myself. Here there was no sound, the silence was sepulchral. I never spoke in my realm, but I did think.
I lived in solitude for centuries, until I had had enough.

Even though I was a god, I couldn't turn away from my creation. And I returned to the earthly world.

The drops fell by the thousands, bursting with harmony in the rainforest. It was a delight, I saw myself reflected in every drop, in every puddle, and in every corner where the water could reflect me in the moonlight. I had forgotten the breath of the jungle, I could hear the jaguars roaring in the distance, the tapirs walking and the snakes slithering.
In the middle of the rain, I could appear in every mirror-like reflection, every step I took could be abysmal for any mortal.

However, I was avid for mortal companionship. It had been years since I had known what it was like to be worshipped and the gods must be worshipped. So I made my way to the nearest town.
I modified my crystal figure to that of a puny boy and walked through the jungle.

In the darkness, only the fittest survive. I witnessed the freshness of the hunt, the screams of agony of the prey and its last sounds of life, the crunching of its bones as they were broken by a powerful anaconda. They were not my favorite animals, but watching the demise of a creature of creation delighted me. It reminded me that mortal life could vanish in a matter of seconds. Although I heard their roars, I did not see my beasts. I would have been more pleased to see them hunt with their mighty fangs, teeth powerful enough to pierce a shell, and masterful strength. Nothing could stop them, except mortals.
Before long I caught a glimpse of a city.

It lay at the foot of a huge lake. The city stood with its magnificent pyramids, composed of causeways connecting different places. It was the city of water connected by different bridges and brilliantly constructed aqueducts.

I wanted to make my entrance, but I perceived the scent of another god. One that particularly made me retreat to my kingdom. He smelled of snakes in every street, in every mortal, in every object scattered in the city.

If it was the night he was the day, if it was dark he was the breeze that gave shelter to the citizens. We were antagonistic since the time of creation, he stole me The Sun of the Earth, he stole my people and my vassals. Then I noticed that his temples of worship were carved with statues of the feathered serpent.

There it was, I had found it.

Time makes you forget these things, perhaps if I had not met him I would never have remembered those shameful moments when I had to crawl and give him my kingdom, so the second kingdom for mortals was established.

He is determined, he would tear down his Sun of the Water and establish a third kingdom. I would pluck that winged serpent with my claws.

I was still not approaching the city, I kept thinking about how I would overthrow him. The Snake had the air of a hero. Surely everyone in town adored him for his humble, responsible, and altruistic dealings. After all, because of him, they had the fire and many other comforts.

It stopped raining and the sun came out, illuminating the temples, pyramids, and stone houses. The lake was a great mirror that reflected the city. Truly enviable what that Winged Serpent did. He left me as the swindler, the dark sorcerer, and the cheat; now I would see what awaited him.

The third kingdom *Sun of the Wind *would emerge tonight. The hero would fall off his weight.


A hint of the story: It's based on mythology - can you guess which one?

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