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Hi, I'm Tomas Alfonso, 19 years old, a tall chubby guy, a basketball fan, it's worth mentioning that I was never interested in learning how to ride a bike. I'm a guy who likes to dress well for the occasion and ride with style, I also love to achieve my goals.

Why do I say this?

Amanda is the new girl in the development, she is a professional cyclist. She had moved in next door, so I was witness to the cycling equipment she owned. However, the only time I saw her was when she went out to work. I admired her toned body, she wore everything well, legs, buttocks, arms, breasts, and a rapacious look that would bring anyone's gaze down, but not mine.

Like any daredevil I started courting her, I was rejected countless times, but I didn't give up. So I decided to learn how to ride a bike, I was determined to impress her and somehow conquer her for good, but I was not going to let her see me fall thousands of times until I learned to stand up for myself. I came up with a magical plan to learn.

The word "magical" covered a lot.

And I forgot to tell you that my family was made up of a long tradition of magicians. Magic has flowed through my family for a long time, on my father's side. Growing up in modern society, I rejected my father's magic. A very ancient being who possessed countless wives and children. I am one of the few who have magical blood in my veins, so my mother tolerates it because of my existence. My mother is a mortal. She hated magic, abhorred that arrogance that characterizes my father every time he came to visit us and they were many for having the gift. On my birthdays I received magic books, wands, baby dragons, interdimensional doors; a myriad of gifts to sway me in favor of that side of my family. However, there was never any success.


“So you want a place to go cycling where no one can see you," my father said with amusement. He kept playing with his levitating wand.

He had come to visit, so I approached him. His reaction was what I expected.

I nodded resignedly, it was the only idea I could think of.

“Why don't you ask me to create a love potion or cast a spell so you can learn to ride a bike at once," he snapped the wand and several blue sparks fell to the ground.

“Because there are side effects," I twisted my eyes.

My father, the great Aldebaran, as they wanted to call him, nodded in amusement.

“Have you read the books I left you on magic?” His wand traced a circle in the air and a portal opened before us. “I'm glad you came to me, but you know if you make a deal with me you must do something for me” in the middle of the kitchen the portal showed a world made for cycling.

Just as I was entering the doorway my father's hand stopped me in my tracks.

“It's not a free favor, I fulfill your demands and you decide after your whims of human learning magic” the smile was wiped off his face, now he was looking at me as an opportunity. “When you conquer the mortal and she kisses you, you will be my ward.”

I was for a moment saying no, why would I do it for a girl who had rejected me enough to forget about her? Maybe I could practice in some secluded place. I was going to tell her no, and I imagined wasting my time and seeing her at the hands of another guy. My heart and brain battled for an instant.

I noticed the clown costume my father wore, a sort of purple tunic with a star pattern and a very stupid pointy hat. Besides, he wore a ridiculous beard that didn't go at all with my youthful fashion. Sometimes, when I saw my mother fighting with my father, I thought how could she not realize how pathetic he was.

“So what do you say, boy, will you be my apprentice," the portal buzzed from where I stood.

“What's in there," I asked doubtfully. “I must know all about this negotiation to see if it is beneficial to me.”

“Oh by magic! you sound just like your mother," my father pulled his beard angrily. “Inside you'll find a world full of canyons, mountains, and beaches where a bike path runs through them. You'll even have several stadiums with cycling tracks, plus, as a guarantee that you'll learn quickly, I'll leave a few vassals who've been versed in the art of cycling to teach you. “Is it a deal?" and shook my hand.
I nodded and shook his hand. When our hands touched, a big blue beam in the shape of an atom covered our bodies.

That same night I crossed the portal. In the other world, it was daytime, then I realized it is always daytime. There was a bicycle next to an ancient tree. The bike was a Trek Madone Project One, one of the best in the world according to what I found out on the net, my dad was once again showing off his skills.

I will tell you that my dad held up his end of the bargain. There a bike path ran through seas, mountains, beaches, and canyons. The forests of that world were filled with ancient trees, their species was the larch. They had a spirit that was dedicated to helping me. If I fell they would teach me how to master the bike, if I had trouble climbing the mountains they would stand beside me to instruct me with their techniques, if I didn't do someone correctly they were there for me.

A week went by and I mastered the basics of cycling, I could ride a few kilometers without getting tired, I still couldn't climb the hills very well and I couldn't even ride the downhills. Two weeks went by and my progress was commendable, I managed to maintain a decent pedaling cadence, by the third week my body weight had dropped noticeably. I was realizing that I was liking it. The feel of the wind as you glide along the roads, the shifting gears, and the need to go faster.

My decision not to do something easy with magic was the right one. I didn't want to be a professional that would overshadow Amanda's abilities, or have her obsess about me. Those would have been the consequences of using the fast track to magic, whereas this way I could practice and improve with no ill effects, the only bad thing was the prospect of becoming a wizard. I no longer wondered if it was worth it, every time I passed by a canyon or a really beautiful valley I thought about showing it to Amanda, it brought a goofy smile on my face.

How was it possible that this girl had cast a spell on me?

That's when I stopped at the entrance to the beach. That thought gave me a bad feeling, not that I was a womanizer like my father, but never had a girl caught my attention so much, and my dad being so willing to help me was unusual. If my mother's experience had taught me it was that everything easily brought a fatal payment.

I returned home and decided to check out Amanda.

A 22-year-old girl who lived alone and I never saw her around the development rolling around gave me a rough taste in my mouth. I followed her to her work stealthily on my bike.
It did me some good to learn!

And, I found out she didn't go to her job. Just in town, she was going into a public lady's room, I remember waiting for her for two hours and she never came out. So I hoped the coast was clear and went in to check. There was no one there, the worst part was that there was no way to escape through the minimal window the room had. I could smell the scent of magic in the place.

My father had tricked me!

I knew several of his tricks. I know that to romance my mother he pretended to be a millionaire executive. She discovered that I was a magical being when I was born and he appeared to claim his power over me. However, my mother was astute and got me out of that magical life with the phrase "Never sign any agreement that the child would be explicitly yours, you bastard."

I still had my doubts about Amanda, but there was a possibility that she was a wizard or even my father disguised as a woman. That gentleman had no respect for anyone.
Bitter, I used my last week of training to improve exponentially. I was determined to challenge my father, but he would never expect how. If I threw off his yoke I would set off fireworks out of sheer jubilation.

At the end of the fourth week, my father's old man appeared. He was dressed in one of his finest robes, an electric purple robe with very high lapels and a ridiculous likeness of an emperor, and the robe was so short that his underpants were visible. He was also carrying a cane instead of his rudimentary wand. While I was wearing my jersey, ready for the battle that was to come.

“I gave you a month," the old man was so cheerful that he was waving his staff cheerfully, every step he took showed his yellow underpants, I had to look away. “All you have to do is conquer the girl and we'll start with the apprenticeship. We can start practicing right here.”

I shook my head.

“It was one of your tricks," I continued without looking at him, otherwise I would lose all my poise with such a ridiculous outfit. “I discovered your trap, so I refuse to fall in love with her. So the deal is off.”

My father's vivacious look turned to fury.

“What trick? I didn't cheat. I met your demands." A black cloud moved in, changing the climate of that world for the first time. “You foolish boy!”

“Amanda is you, don't deny it, you filthy old man," I raised my voice.

My father waved his cane and Amanda appeared beside him.

“I don't deny it, but I didn't cheat," Amanda slowly transformed into a naiad. “I only fulfilled one wish for her. To be a beautiful human and attractive to men. However, I knew your reaction when I rejected you, you are the blood of my blood” the first drops began to fall.

Amanda was some kind of horrible mermaid, who still gave me a visual review of disgust.

“I knew it, I knew it!" I mounted my bike.

“You must keep your end of the bargain," sparks flew from my father's staff, under other circumstances I might scoff at his cheap tricks, but lightning began to emerge from the clouds. “Her name is not Amanda, she doesn't even find you attractive, but you decided...” lightning struck close to us.

I was soaked, but my father was still dry, not a particle of water touched him.
“I challenge you to a battle on my terms, do you accept?" I demanded, tightening my grip on the bike.

Aldebaran's eyes sparkled as he grasped a new opportunity, in a second Amanda's siren disappeared in a snap.

“I agree," said my father without thinking. “What are the terms of the magical battle?”

And that's when I burst out laughing, I couldn't take it anymore.

“You must beat me in a cycling competition! Without magic!”

I must say I'm trying. Although my dear father's moods diminished quite a bit. He had agreed, of course, he had to comply and he couldn't imbue himself with magic to learn to ride a bike. Still, he stubbornly materialized a bike identical to mine, but he looked ridiculous in the tunic sitting ready for the competition.

I don't have to bore you with the following, of course, I won. He didn't even know how to drive. Fireworks streaked across the skies.


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