Angles In Disguise!?

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Tangerine looked at Giovanni. Giovanni looked at Tangerine. They both sat quietly for a moment.

Well this was a weird way for your parents to meet.

Me and Virgo kept quiet. No one could know we were angels from Heaven, on a secret mission to make our future parents fall in love and eventually have us.

Angels had many talents, but invisibility wasn’t one of ‘em. So I had to pretend to be a new young ‘employee’ while my little sister stayed in the form of a toddler. Angels lived in the fourth dimension, meaning we could go back to being any age we wanted that we had already been before, still while aging in the present.

“Why do I have to be the toddler?” Virgo looked up at me annoyed.

“Because you haven’t been seventeen yet, and you can’t work here, now be quiet and don’t blow our cover!” I shushed Virgo. The worst thing that could happen was my parents-to-be catching me spying on them, and then I’d be in some real trouble.

Everyone left the room, except me and Virgo.

The manager was leaving too, her black shiny heels clacking against the floor.

“Your assignment is due next Wednesday Tod. And remember to find a sitter for your sister next time, don’t go bringing her into important business meetings,” the Manager scolded.

“Okay, you got it boss.” I pointed my fingers at the boss with a smile.

She rolled her eyes and clomped away.

Sheesh. Being an adult is hard.

As soon as she was gone, Virgo morphed back into age 14 and she peered over my shoulder as I spied on Mom and Dad with my phone.

We had to make them fall in love, we just had to!

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