The Ink well prompt writing -No one knew where she was going

Amarachi a good and charming girl who live with her parents in the city of Amala was not herself, this happens on the day she meet Obinna, a young and vibrant handsome man, Obinna was a tailor whose shop is close to Amarachi's neighborhood.

One day later, Obinna called on Amarachi as she was on her way back from the market, but Amarachi could not stop as she was wondering what is the reason the he called her, Obinna let it go, now a day later, it was raining heavily and stormy, the weather was so scary people were Indoors, they was no much business operations, it rains for about four hours and after some hours it stop, Amarachi told her parents that she would not be going to the market since the rain has disrupt her engagement for the day and is already late, the parent said, is alright, wait for tomorrow and you will as well make your sales.

After breakfast was served Amarachi parents were off to work, Amarachi parents were both teachers that serves in the same comprehensive Secondary School, in a Ishialanwa, a town close to Amala, as teachers, the make sure that non of their children must stay without attending college and varsity , as it will be a shame for them, just like making peoples repairing peoples door while yours is not repair, and it was only Amarachi who was waiting to gain admission in the University.

Amarachi was bored at home, they was no electricity (lights) everywhere was so tiring, as the parents left for work, the thing is that she always go to shop in the market, maybe to while away something and also makes some sales in the mum's shop but since heavy rains was disturbing today she stays back at home and was home alone.

She slept and wakes up and decided to go check on her clothes, when she pull out the first one it was okay on her body but the second one she inspected was something else, which she decided to go and sew it, Amarachi now went or Obinna's shop since he is the only Tailor located at the neighborhood and that also good in sewing ladies clothes too, Obinna is just a tailor that sew mens attires he is also good in making women's dresses.

When Obinna saw Amarachi walking like an Angel to his shop, he was smiling silencely, without anyone noticing it, here she comes, Amarachi arrive in the shop and Obinna's apprentice gave her a seat and she sat, Obinna asked her "how can we help you madam? She replied " I want you to fixed this my dress for me, show me where to fixed Obinna's asked? I want you to hold this place tight a little for me, such that will fit my body, Amarachi replied. Okay madam Obinna replied.

Off to the house and told them that she is coming back to pick it by 2 0'clock, Obinna told her that her charge will be five hundred naira (500), which she said no and they bargain and later stop at three hundred naira (#300).



Pum pum...... Pumm pum...... On the gate, Amarachi quickly get up and open the gate and it was her parents, they were back from work, Amarachi what took you so long? The father's asked!
Daddy I was preparing Egusi soup, so that you people can eat when coming back, because I know Mother would be a bit tired. Amarachi's replied!
Wow! That's is my girl, the father's said and the mother quickly go to the kitchen and have a look, after lunch, Amarachi told the parents that she will be going to get her clothes at the Tailor's shop near their apartment.

Off she go, Have you finish with my dress? Amarachi asked! Yes Ma we are done with it! Obinna's replied, here is your money thank you ma, he replied.



As Amarachi was trekking down her house she heard a voice in her head telling her to come to the river of Amala, she resist it at first while getting to their compound gate the same voice again, spoke to her and this point she couldn't resist it, immediately she turn her back, she saw a shining light over her head, she followed it and the light took her to the River of Amala, she was told not to touch anything, the gods of Amala appear to her and told her that in the history of Amala, this is the first time she appear to someone from the kingdom, meaning that is the choosing child, they told her that she was sent to deliver the city of Amala, that the day she was born was the day, the lands of Amala were clinse that her journey has just begun, Amarachi was dumbfounded, it was late in the night already and she was asked not go to back home. Now, the parents were severely worried, they went to Obinna's shop and asked about Amarachi but Obinna could only told them that after she might finished getting her clothes, she was on her way back home.



Tow days ago, Amarachi father reported the case to the police district of Obomolo, they police conducted a search for more than two weeks but Amarachi was yet to be found, Obinna's shop was closed the first target, the police arrested Obinna and a his apprentice, since their place of work was the last place she visited before her disappearance.

Things were getting out of hands, Obinna was lock up, and the gods were still instructing Amarachi on her role in the Amala land.

After some months, she came out and was a different person all through, she stop associating with people in her neighborhood and was always be herself.

Amarachi's life were not the same again and since then " the saying came out, as peoples always said - "no one knew where she was going" and what got her like this?

To be continued.....

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