Ricky Was Thankful to Her Mother- Prompt#48

Ricky’s husband, Danish, had an import-export business in America. He was a practical and ambitious person. Danish didn’t even know what an emotional connection was. He always used Ricky for his commercial gains. She was just a PRO for his clients, taking them out to lunch and dinner. Clients even behaved rudely towards her, but her husband never took any notice of all this. Whenever she complained about this, he would say, "How long will you remain a small town girl? Show some maturity and try to be practical.

Actually, Danish had never even taken his marriage seriously. Ricky was suffering just for the sake of their only son. She was also mentally preparing herself to go back to India. She was sending some money to Nicky, her younger sister back in India. Ricky had sent more than a hundred thousand dollars until now. Now that her 19-year-old son went to live with an American girl, Ricky no longer had any reason to stay back in America.

Like every time, this time too, Ricky was well received when she reached India, but only until she told Nicky about her decision.

Nicky was surprised, "What are you saying? You have left your home forever? Why have you taken such a big step?

Ricky told Nicky about the whole thing, but she didn't agree with her.

Nicky, don’t you worry about me. I had had enough, but not anymore. Anyway, I have my means of living a peaceful life here. I have enough money with you, and then I have a share in this house. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself. Ricky tried to reassure a worried-looking Nicky. But when she discussed home and money, Nicky’s expressions changed.

But how can you leave your home like this? You are an Indian woman. Think about the departed souls of our parents.

Ricky was getting annoyed. "You’re thinking about them, and the one who is sitting alive in front of you? Can you just tell me how much of my money you have with you?

Nicky stammered and said, "What should I tell you? Our entire business was ruined during demonetization."

"So what?" Ricky was shocked.

Then, with the help of that money, my husband saved his reputation.

What are you saying? What do you know about how I saved that money and sent it to you? Oh, I was totally depending on that.

Should we let him go to jail? You will not understand what happens to a wife at such a time. You yourself have left your good husband unnecessarily. Nicky’s tone has changed now.

"Oh... that was all that was left to hear. Oh my, first my husband, then son, and now you too. " Ricky felt as if the ground had slipped from under her feet. Oh, my! Whom should one trust?

"This is our ancestral home, isn’t it? I have a right to it too. Ricky was a little more annoyed.

Don’t talk about the house, sis. We have been living here for years. We are looking after its maintenance. You were having fun in America, while we were handling this inheritance from our parents. Nicky’s soft tone has also turned into a harsh one.

"Maintenance or illegal occupancy? This is no less than stealing your sister’s property.

As far as the house is concerned, even if you go to court, you will not be able to get this house, because we have been living here for years and paying its tax. Nicky retorted.

"Stop!" Ricky shouted and left home.

What would she do now? Ricky was on the verge of crying. She then remembered her old college friend, Mira, who lived in Doon. Ricky used to share all her secrets with her. She had also told her about her secret savings. Ricky talked to her on the phone. She asked her to come to Doon. Don’t panic. You have so much money and property. You can start something new. Or you can come here to Doon. Let’s see what you can do here.

That was her last hope left, but Ricky had lost faith in the entire world. Who knows if she called me only after listening to my savings? When the real sister can change, then what stops an old friend? Image


Ricky was listening to Mira saying, "Such a saving can give no security to a woman who keeps it in her house. Cash and jewelry can be stolen, and even if you keep it in the bank, there is no guarantee of a safe future if your luck is not with you. No one can steal your real inheritance. Look at me. What was there for me when my husband passed away? Nothing, just that my math was good. Today, with the help of my expertise in math, I am running my house well.

"But I have nothing like that."

"Why not? I remember how well you used to dance. You are a master of classical dance that you learned from your mother. "

"I haven’t danced in years. Once I settled in America after marriage, my husband stopped all my hobbies.

Have you lost all your qualities by going there, or have you learned anything new? Mira asked softly.

I learned nothing new. Years have passed by just roaming around like a showpiece with Danish attending to his clients. Her voice was full of disappointment.

"Oh wow, I have learned so much, and you say you have learned nothing."

"What crazy things are you talking about?"

I am not talking to a silly girl, but a hard worker. Do you even know what you can do in a city like Doon. You can teach communication skills to the younger generation here. I can tell you the tricks of customer care and personality grooming. If you’re willing to teach this, then you can earn thousands.

"And who will come to my classes?" Ricky asked.

Your first student will be my daughter. You know, last night, she was saying what a personality you have and how well you speak with a wonderful accent and confidence. She wanted to learn this art from you. It will be useful in her interview and group discussion round.

Then Nandi, Mira’s daughter, came there, whispering, "That’s right aunt, many of my friends and classmates will come to take such classes from you. We are the small town students who lack this art and will gladly come to join you. "And then many will love to learn classical dance from you."

But where will I take the classes?

"Same building where I take my classes. We will both adjust the timing, and when your work increases, we can arrange for a different place."

"But I don’t want to be a burden on you."

"Oh, you won’t be a burden. When your earning begins, then stay with me as a paying guest, but till then, remain my friend."

Ricky hugged her, her eyes were full of tears. She was grateful to her mother for the wonderful inheritance she had passed on to her. She could now use her skills in classical dancing to start a new life. Ricky looked at Mira. It felt as if she was also crying, with tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips. From that day on, her legacy was going to work for her.

Ricky looked up, and thanked her late mother for the wonderful inheritance she left for her.

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