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There was a Town which they called "BendeTown". In this town, there are mineral resources and the people therein don't know what to do with them, and they want their town to be developed but there was no Internal Generated Revenue for them.

One day, The King of the Bende Town was thinking about how to call his council of elders to the meeting for deliberation on the way out, because their opinions are very important as well. Maybe if they will have better suggestions on the matter that will be useful for the town.

King Adedipe instructed the guards to go and call all the elders and tell them that there is an urgent meeting in my palace now.

Guards took off to deliver the king's message to the elders. After that, all the council of elders hurry to answer the king by makings sure that they are present.

King Adedipe greeted every one of them for honoured his calls and praying for them that they will not be put in shame. The King said I called you in respect of mineral resources the gods of our land give us and as you know that we don't have a particular source of income, apart from the one we are getting from the state support and is not enough to develop our town. During my own time, I want new things to start happening. Your contributions to this issue are important.

"One of the chiefs responded"

Chief Bright said, King, I greet you and he was lying down. You shall live long, we appreciate your gesture towards the development of this town because if positive development begins in the town, not only king will benefit but it going to benefit everyone. I have an idea of some expatriates who are into the business of gold and other materials. We can invite them and tell them to start to uproot our mineral resources and tell them to share the proceed of sales.

By and large, the expatriates were summoned to the palace and both parties agreed on the sharing ratio. These foreigners started working on the land and giving the town profit from it.

"conspiracy begins among the chiefs"

Chief Judas called on other chiefs that can't you see that our king's stomach has begun to shoot out and he has started to use exotic cars while we chiefs are not up to him even though all the struggle to make things work out was not behind us. Now that we suppose to enjoy ourselves together, King sidelines us and he is the only person who enjoys good things.

Chief Bright said that we shouldn't forget that the person we are talking about is our king and we should take caution whenever we are talking. But he used to give us something out of profit these expatriates give town as share and we can see that out of this money he has built a modern library for children, he has constructed modern town hall so that when we have visitors or we want to do merriment, the hall will be good for it. He has started doing some other things. Please let us give him support so that he can succeed on the throne.

"Some of the chiefs said hmmm".

Chief Judas said I knew that you have been bribed, and he suggested that the meeting should be adjourned till another time so that we can talk better.

"chief Judas planning to side other chiefs"

On the following day, chief Judas called on chief Thomas that I know that you will be on my side because people will not allow us to achieve our mission. And after all, we are too much to share whatever we get so let us plan.

"Chief Thomas said hmmm"

I hope this will not boomerang.

Chief Judas said nothing will happen. What we are going to do is simple, as we know that not the day these expatriates dig up gold from the land they will take it to the place where they will sell it. We will find people who would go there and get it for us. "You know that nothing goes for nothing". We must give the people that will carry out this assignment money as compensation, so we are rich like that.

At the chief Bright resident. He was sitting down on the sofa thinking about the matter that, what are they planning to do next is unknown to him. These people are ungrateful even though the king used to tell them that they should ask for whatever things they need and he is doing his best for everyone. Bad things should not happen to him. I know what to do.

The same day, at the Palace. The King was discussing the family issue with his Queen and children. Chief Bright entered the palace and lay down flat on the floor, King I am greeting you. You shall live long on the throne.

King Adedipe postpone the meeting till another time and asked his family to excuse him. King said that I am seeing you, I hope there is no problem?

Chief Bright said yes, there is a BIG problem my king. I have started smelling some things among the chiefs and l just came here to tell you to be vigilant so that you will not be put in shame.

King Adedipe said you are the true son of this land. Hmmm, thank you very much for your concern. If I am telling you that I didn't hear of such before is a ly. Because I know everything about their movements and I have told those people they hired to corporate with them. I also have my plan for them.

"On the day of the avenger"

Chief Judas and chief Thomas were at the location where they agreed to wait for those who have gone to steal the gold for them, and unknown to them, the same set of people are also the king loyalists. When they were coming, one of the king loyalists went to call the king while others were on their way to deliver the consignment to the chiefs at their hidden place.

The king and guards are also on their way to the same venue and delivery of gold to chiefs are in progress, one of the thieves that went to call the king and guards said that "They're here". Look at them.

The King said that it is all days for the thief, but one day is for the owner. So you can do this to me. I thank you.

                      The end

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