Reckoning of the chief Rufus: The inkwell Prompt #59

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The yelling of the villagers concerning the missing of their children in the village aroused the attention of the head of the village. The villagers were worried about the sudden things that started happening in their environment which never happened in the past.

One day, the villagers decided to protest in the village so that the king and council of elders could find a lasting solution to the present problems. When they were heading for the palace, they cut a branch of a tree on the road as a means to show that they were not pleased with what was going on in the community but when they reached the palace, the king told them that he is not happy with the present situation of the village. I and my chiefs would do something about it, said the king.

I will implore you to go back to your home and wait for what we are going to do about the matter. Said the chief Rufus.

Eh! Chiefs, I want us to hold an emergency meeting concerning what is going on in the community because I am not happy at all. Do you want my government to be disorganized? Said the king.

The right chief, the left chief, I want you to convey this information to the rest of the chief concerning the meeting, said the king.

Noted my Lord, We will deliver your message Said the chief Rufus.

The following day at the Palace. The King was sitting on the sofa and addressing family issues among his children and wife, the chiefs were entering one after the other into the palace and they paid homage that we are greeting you the second of gods, you shall live long, said the chiefs.

You are welcome, chiefs. I was the one who called this impromptu meeting because of the state of this community and we can't be in a town where such a thing will be consistently happening without doing anything about it, said the king.

When we received your message concerning this meeting, we were surprised because we just held one meeting three-day ago and it should be fifteen days to this time before we can hold another meeting, said chief John.

Yes, you are right. But what is happening presently in the community is everybody's business because villagers are counting on us as the head of this community. I want to hear your opinion concerning this matter, said the king.

Thank you the king for counting us worthy to share our opinion on a crucial matter like this, and what I will suggest that will enable us to get to the bottom of this matter is by inviting an external security guard that will help us find a lasting solution to the ongoing problem and I am very sure we are going to get results from it, said chief John.

Yes, you are right, chief John. "What you just said now was in mind before, I will implore everyone to also look into it", said chief James.

No, "it is not a good idea at all because we will just waste our resources on what is not meaningful. What I observe is that the gods of our land are angry and we need to appease them to restore peace to this community", said the right chief (chief Rufus).

"Did you mean it was gods that are angry and we should appease them to enable things to come to normal in the land"? Said the king.

If that should be the case, let us invite a chief priest to carry out atonement and do other necessary things. But he must tell us materials to use for sacrifice, said chief John.

Alright, let us summon him Immediately. Guards! Go and call a chief priest for me. Tell him that his attention is needed at the palace now, said the king.

The guards left to deliver the king's message. When they got there, the chief priest said he would join them at the Palace in a jiffy.

The same day at the Palace. The King and chiefs were busy exchanging words among themselves, and the chief priest entered.

"The second gods of our land I greet you, this is my bow"! I got your message that I should see you, Said the chief priest.

Yes, I called you here concerning the kidnapping here and there. We would like to consult the oracle to direct us on what to do, said the king.

The Oracle was consulted and it was revealed who was behind the kidnapping in the community living with us, and we must get the service, an external security guard, and the atonement to get those behind it, said the chief breast.

After they have done all the necessary things, security guards apprehended the culprits after some efforts were put in place. And during the interrogation, It was revealed that chief Rufus sent those kidnappers to invade this community, all of them were paraded at the Palace.

When asked why did you do it? Chief Rufus claims that it was the only way he can get back to the ruling king. If the king doesn't have peace of mind, he will not last on the throne because it was everybody's wish to assume the position of King. Is he the only one that can do it? I also have the wisdom to lead a town like this.

Meanwhile, After some years, the king of the town joined his ancestors and the throne was vacant. Kingmakers summoned the chief priest of the town to consult Oracle to know who should be chosen to be the next King.

While the chief priest was consulting Oracle, it was revealed that it is between chief Rufus and the son of the immediate past king who should be the next King because they had been chosen by gods to lead the town.

However, when the chief Rufus heard about the new development he had been chosen to be the next King. He was excited and bragged around the town that the gods of our land knew the right people to put in place as the next King.

The villagers vowed that instead of them having him as their king, it's better not to have a king than somebody who doesn't care about the lives of innocent people in the community. When the information reaches Kingmaker, they put their heads together to do traditional rites for the son of the immediate past King if they don't want to enter into hot pepper soup.

At the same time, they called chief Rufus to inform him that it was their wish to install him on the throne but his past deeds are hunting him now because the villagers will not be happy if they install him as the next King. They can also be dealt with. That is the reason why when you are angry, don't utter a word because you don't know who is hearing you, and when you are happy, don't pledge because you may not be able to fulfil the promise.

When chief Rufus heard about the new development that it was not him they were planning to be installed on the throne, he committed suicide that it is better to die honourably than to face
humiliation from the people in the community.

           The end

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