Pandemic Vacation

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In 2020, a devastating virus attack spread to many countries, one of which was Indonesia. Starting in March, a woman who had just vacationed in Malaysia experienced a high fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The woman was infected with a new virus called Corona.

Since then, the Corona Virus has spread throughout Indonesia. As a result of the virus pandemic, many offices and schools were closed so that the virus would not spread more. But apparently, many do not believe in the existence of this virus, they take advantage of the holidays to travel. At that time, Budi, a high school student, was invited by his friend Joni to go to the beach.

"Budi, while it's school holidays, let's go to the beach," said Joni

"No, Jon, there's a pandemic right now," said Budi

"You don't believe it, it's just a conspiracy from an elite organization," said Joni

"But Jon, many victims have been reported on television," said Budi

"The media is ruled by the ruling elite, don't believe it," said Joni

Finally, they went to the beach to enjoy their day off. The beach was very crowded with visitors. They are not afraid of the Coronavirus, Budi, who believes in the existence of a pandemic, prepares himself by wearing a mask and carrying a hand sanitiser, not forgetting to also keep his distance from others.

"This beach is good, Bud," said Joni while enjoying the coconut water

"It's very good indeed, but I'm worried after this," said Budi

"Are you still worried about the Coronavirus?" Joni said

"Of course," said Budi

"Your life is too afraid, Budi," said Joni

In the afternoon, the beach is getting crowded with visitors, because they want to see the beauty of the sunset on the beach. Seeing the increasingly crowded situation, Budi was increasingly worried about the spread of the Coronavirus there. Budipun decided to go home.

"Where are you going, Budi?" ask Joni

"I forgot to feed my cat, I want to go home to give my cat food," said Budi

"But the sunset will soon arrive," said Joni

"Next time we can come here again," said Budi

Budi went straight to the house and cleaned himself up. He sprayed the entire room with disinfectant. Budi is sure, after the crowds that occur on the beach, there will be many victims who are infected with the virus.

The next day, Budi saw the news on television which reported that the number of Coronavirus sufferers had increased even higher. This is caused by many people who do not believe in the COVID-19 pandemic. Budi immediately called Joni to confirm his friend's condition. When Budi called Joni, he heard a woman's voice crying from the phone. Turns out it was Joni's mother. His mother said that Joni was being treated at the hospital because he was infected with the Coronavirus.

Budi who heard the news was immediately shocked. He already believed this bad thing would happen. In the end, Budi spent the school holidays only at home playing games, occasionally studying online so that he didn't miss lessons. After more than a month, Joni recovered from the pandemic, now he believes that the virus does exist.

The End

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