Where There's life There's Hope


" No matter what happens dear. Where there's life, there's hope". Aunt Sonia said as she kept on consoling her friend that just lost her job.
It was a holiday, and Mom had asked me to go visit her for a couple of few days, so I could help her with a lot of household cleaning. Aunt Sonia is Mom's eldest sister. She's a Professional teacher. And it's not just her profession, she loves what she does very much. No one meets Aunt Sonia without having a lecture. Either it's a lecture that you can be the best or a lecture that you must always try your best. Her favourite punishment is ignoring you. Once she's upset with you and she ignores you, it just means you've made her really paranoid.

We were home that afternoon trying to prepare some snacks when Mrs Maria walked in. It seemed as though she had lost everything. She came in and and started crying as though life just keeps throwing rocks that caused pains to her without ceasing. " First I lost my parents in a ghastly car accident, now it's my job. The one job that feeds me daily and gives me means of surviving " she said as she wept bitterly. The way she cried out bitterly made me emotional that I couldn't help but joined her. " Shhhh it fine dear I don't want to see you cry like this ".

Aunt Sonia said, trying to console her. There's nothing to feel miserable about. All you need to do is to keep going. You need to try your best to keep pushing forward. You know I'm more experienced on this than anyone else. I know life has taken a turn on you, but trust me, it's just a phase. Better days are coming.... If you cry like this, you'll break down and you won't be able to fix yourself again ". Aunt Sonia said as she hugged her and tried to calm her.

" No, no I know there are no better days ahead for me. If there were, at least life would have spared my parents. Why did it have to take them? I wish it took me instead it would have been better " she said crying profusely. " Stop it if you ever speak about death again I'll slap some sense into you " Aunt Sonia said with a pitch of anger in her tone. "Just let it be Sonia, even if you hit me from now till morning, it won't fix anything. The will to live isn't just there anymore". Mrs Maria said still sobbing.

" You know my story right. You are very well aware of the fact that I was in a much more terrible situation than you have been. Aunt Sonia said as she had started crying as well. Remember when I told you about my husband's ill health? you know very well that I lost it all. But I just kept on believing in myself.

That faithful day brought darkness and grieve into my life. If I was left crippled, it would have been better off than being barren. You know my husband got terribly sick that I didn't know what to do. I had no where to go or who to turn to. My sister supported me with the least she had but it wasn't enough. Believing in my students was the only thing I held on to. I started spending time more often at work more than myself and my husband. Those students had a way of bringing smiles to my face, as though they could wipe my tears and understand what exactly was bothering me. You know I've been a teacher for the past 30 years.

Training those kids to be the best was my greatest desire. I was very well aware of my responsibilities towards my husband, but at times I neglected them for my students. I was in school when I got a call from the hospital that my husband needed 5.5 Million for an operation to be carried out. Where was I supposed to get so much money from? that amount is more than my savings for a whole a year. I almost lost it. I had wish for the ground to open and swallow me up. I had already gotten loan from the bank for the previous bills and there was no way I could have gotten another one. I got scared and worried but I remembered I had a creator. The one that makes the impossible very possible.... Dear friend, I began to pray. I got soaked in tears as I was crying for my Father. I prayed so hard that it felt as though I was on the same page with God. I prayed because I was hopeful. I prayed because I had faith. And I believed in miracles.

It was over 8 hours of praying fervently. I was so engrossed in my communication with my creator that immediately I had opened my eyes, it felt as though brightness was brought into my life again. To be honest, I could remember vividly that I got a call immediately and when I noticed it was a strange number. I picked up immediately. " Hello Ma'am, please, your attention is needed at the hospital here we need your signature on the consent form to carry out your husband's operation ". Immediately I heard that, I was shocked... Ope..ratio? But I haven't paid for it. I said as though I was inquiring more information. But he replied to me " Ma'am it's been paid for already. We just need your signatures. I couldn't contend with my happiness. I was overwhelmed with joy.

I quickly rushed to the hospital to sign what was required and when they started the operation I went to ask about the person that could be so kind to bless me. Lo and behold, it was Dr. Clark he was one of the first set of students that I taught in my early years of teaching. Clark was a smart boy. But I taught him to believe in himself. I could stay extra miles to make sure he did nothing but the best.
And today, at that very hospital my husband was being hospitalized he was the CEO there and miraculously he happened to get a hand on my husband's file.

I just want you to know today that every problem has a solution. All you need to is to believe. As for my barrenness, I have two beautiful children though I didn't birth them. But I take care of them like my blood. Just wipe your tears my dear, because where there's life, there's hope.


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