The receptionist

Aramide and Bode have been dating for the past six years and during the six years, Bode couldn't fend for Aramide because he doesn't have a befitting job. They both live together because Aramide took Bode in since he couldn't afford to get an apartment, Aramide works in a hotel and she gets well paid salary which she used to take care of the responsibility of the house.

"Good evening babe," Bode greeted his girlfriend.

"Hey babe welcome, how was your day," Aramide asked from the kitchen.

"Today wasn't good at all, the man we went to do laborer jobs for refused to pay," Bode replied as he relaxed his body on the couch.

"Not again," Aramide replied while coming out from the kitchen with a plate of food in her hand, she dropped it on the dining table before coming to meet Bode on the couch.

"But babe don't you think you should get a befitting job since this laborer work is not providing enough money for us," Aramide said to her boyfriend.

"I thought as much but where do I get the job now?" Bode asked they both talked for some minutes before they went to the dining table.

Some days later,

"Good morning Grace" Aramide greeted her colleague as she entered the hotel premises and rushed to change into her uniform.

"Why did you come late when you know I will be waiting for you to relieve me from duty," Grace whom Aramide wanted to take a shift from lament.

"Am so sorry, there was so much traffic on the road," Aramide apologized to her.

"Fine I heard you, but please can you help me clean room 2 because I am in a hurry right now," Grace said to Aramide.

"Just that? Sure I will," Aramide replied.

They both changed shifts, Grace went home while Aramide resumed duty, the day was moving on smoothly for Aramide until one customer rushed out of his room.

"Hey you where is my jewelry that I kept on the table," the guest asked Aramide at the reception.

"Jewelry? Where? And why are you asking me?" Aramide asks many questions at the same time.

"You better stop pretending and bring out my property now before I call the police for you," the guy shouted at Aramide and his voice got the Manager's attention in his office which was not far from the reception.

"What is going on here," the manager asked as he came out of his office.

"Tell this golddigger you called a staff to give me back my jewelry before I descend on her," the guy said to the manager.

"Please sir I don't know what you are talking about," Aramide replied with a trembling voice.

"Sir you need to calm down and let me handle this matter," the manager replied to the guy.

"Calm down? How can I calm down when your staff stole my jewelry," the guy shouted back at the manager and all that the manager could say to him was "Let me handle it please sir,"
The manager took Aramide to his office to interrogate her.

"Aramide!," The manager called her name.

'Sir," she replied while tears rolled down her cheeks.
"Where is the gold you took from room 2?" the manager asked.

"Si.. sir... I am... I didn't take anything from room 2, I only went there to clean when the man went to the bar this morning," she explained herself but she didn't sound convincing enough to the manager.

"You know it is against the policy of this hotel to steal and yet you did that, how can I believe you when you are the one that cleaned up the room," the manager asked before he asked Aramide to go and bring her stuff from the changing room.

This time the owner of the jewelry was there and some other colleagues while Aramide quickly unpacked her bag which she came in with that day.

Nothing was found in her bag so the manager said, "At this point, everyone is a suspect and Aramide you are suspended until further notice, sir can you show everyone the image of your jewelry in case anyone sees it they could recognize it,".


He quickly brought out his phone to show everyone including Aramide before he asked.

"And what is going to happen to my jewelry now?".

"We will find it by the time we interrogate every staff," the manager assured the owner of the jewelry.

Aramide packed her bag and went back home, she didn't bother to take a bike so she just treks back because she was lost in thought.

"Maybe I should look around for another job because I am not sure I will be called back to work," Aramide muttered on her way home, and instead of going home, she went to the market to see if she would find a sales girl job.

"Babe! Babe!!," Bode shouted from a far distance, and Aramide heard his voice and looked around because she wasn't expecting Bode to be in the market.

"What are you doing here dress like this," Aramide asked immediately after she saw Bode.

"And you why are you not at work?" Bode asked instead of answering her question.

She hissed and then said, " I have been suspended, one guy said I stole his gold,".

"One guy said? How? Did you?" Bode asked.

"You too don't trust me?" Aramide asked.

"No babe I was just wondering," Bode replied.

While they were talking Grace came outside from a complex where people buy and sell gold, Aramide saw her so she quickly asked Bode.

"Babe that place what are they selling there?".

"Did you want to buy something? And why are you asking?".

Bode asked again instead of answering her questions.

"Why are you using questions to answer my question? I am looking for a job and that is why I asked," Aramide replied.

They both argue for some seconds before Bode tells her, "They sell gold and they also buy gold,".

"And what is she doing there today?" Aramide asked herself.

"What are you talking about?" Bode asked.

"Never mind," Aramide replied before she left Bode at the market so that he could continue his work.

Aramide put a call through to the manager on her way home.

"Hello.. hello Sir, please sir I wanted to call your attention to something,".

"And what is that?" He asked.

"I... I saw Grace in a gold store I don't know if you can ask her what she was doing there," Aramide said to the manager on the phone.

"Really? That's good I will when she gets to work tomorrow," he replied.

"Ok Sir, thank you, sir," she said before she hung up.

The next day Grace didn't show up at the hotel and when the manager called her she didn't pick up her phone.

"This is getting interesting," he muttered in his office before going out.

'Security," the manager called.

'Yes Sir," one of the security came.

"We need to get somewhere now," the manager said, they got to Grace's house and she wasn't at home while they were about to leave one guy came outside from Grace's compound and the manager quickly approached him to ask some questions about Grace.

"Good morning sir," the manager greeted the guy.

"Morning, how may I help you sir," the guy asked.

"I am looking for a lady her name is Grace, I have a contract for her and I can't reach her phone," he said the resident.

"Oh Grace she moved to her parent's house just yesterday," he replied.

"OMG what a shame she could have won a lot of money but since I can't find her I have to try another person," the manager tried to trick the guy if he knew Grace's whereabouts.

"I know her mom's house but you must give me something before I tell you," the guy replied with a smile, and of course, the manager gave him some money in exchange for information.

Grace was caught and she confessed that she took the gold and that was why she asked Aramide to clean the room so that she could look like the real culprit and that she had sold it.

The jewelry was bought back from the store by the hotel manager to clear the hotel name and to save Aramide from the mess, Grace was taken to the station to serve punishment and Aramide was called back to work, she was promoted which made her salary higher than before.

The owner of the jewelry compensated Aramide with a huge amount of money just to apologize for accusing her wrongly and Aramide was kind enough to give the money to her boyfriend, and he started a business with the money, their life became a little bit better after that incident.

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