Appointment with the dentist


This is one of those days that I would not want to come. Today I have a dentist appointment and you know what those moments of terror are like. Sitting in that chair and a tube of water bubbling inside my open mouth, trying hard not to swallow it. The sound of the drill is the worst of all, I don't know anyone who is not afraid of it.

I walk with some haste because I'm a little late and go down the stairs of the subway. I think I hope there are not too many people waiting. I get on the train and half an hour later I get off at the station that is a block away from the office. I arrive and the secretary shows me in immediately. The doctor is already waiting for him. I didn't have time to rest.

― Good morning, dear patient!, ―the doctor greets me with a broad smile.

I greet him with my barely audible voice and think “What a relief that he is in a good mood” . I sit down in the chair and he puts the water hose on me and asks me to spit, then he blows air under pressure and I sit there waiting for him to start fixing my teeth.

Suddenly I am surprised to see my shoes. What is going on? These are not my shoes. When did I buy these shoes? When did I put them on? I'm sure I wore my black sneakers this morning. And now I'm wearing blue ones. No way.

The dentist starts working and in my mind I keep thinking about the shoes. He is ready and taking off his mask he says to me. ―He didn't feel anything, right, ―and he still has that smile on his face, which already seems a little strange to me.

It's true, I told him, I didn't feel anything and the time passed very fast. I get up from the chair, thank him and leave as quickly as possible.


When I leave I feel a little strange, maybe it is the effect of some product he applied and I look at my shoes, which strangely had changed color again and were now white.

Maybe I'm hallucinating, what madness is this. I start to analyze step by step everything I have done during the day and I have come to the conclusion that it was in the dentist's office where it all started. I have come to believe that it is the effect of some experimental treatment that doctor is using to tranquilize his patients, and these are the side effects of the drug. If I tell anyone about this adventure that is happening to me, they will not believe it.

I hope I can get back to normal soon.

When I get home, I take off my shoes and take a bath. My head still hurts a little. I lie down for a while and when I wake up, I go to the kitchen. My wife, who is preparing dinner, asks me.

―Hello my love, how did it go today, I didn't feel you arrive, she says to me while she pours me a cup of coffee.

―I feel a little strange since I left the dentist, if I tell you what happened to me, you won't believe it.

―Tell me, I'm intrigued.

I start to tell him and strangely I see a smile on his face, similar to that of the dentist. I get scared and remain silent.

I run out of the house and go to the dentist's office. I run into the doctor coming out and grab him by the arm.

―What have you put on me, I'm seeing strange things, tell me what's going on.

―What's wrong with you, you feel bad. I haven't given you anything strange, calm down, everything has an explanation.

And I begin to tell you that I saw different shoes and a strange smile on people's faces.

―You have to remember, ―me dice el dentista, if you saw that smile on my face when you arrived, it couldn't have been something I put on it, because I hadn't started treating you.

I started to remember and I realized that I was right and at that moment I realized that the first thing I had drunk in the morning was the coffee that my wife had given me.

My wife, but... why?

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