An ambition of love - The Ink Well Prompt #95

An ambition of love.

Year 1995, it was the month of March. A young man named Jose, owner of a pet food business, a grocery store, a clothing store and a bakery, wandered the streets of a small town in Venezuela, with a great ambition for love, the time he spent wandering the streets in search of that love, he met a beautiful young woman named Monica, the moment he met her he was instantly impressed.

From the moment he meets Monica, he stops going to supervise his business and begins to frequent Monica more, asking her out, taking her out, bringing her gifts, taking her for walks, among other things.

They quickly became friends, they began to spend time together, they could talk for hours and in the middle of those conversations you could hear both of them laughing. It was obvious that they were both having a good time.

Several days later, Monica had to leave on a trip to another city, she left without saying anything to Jose, he felt abandoned, used, he thought:

"Let her come and get me, I won't do anything for her anymore."

He thought so, but the truth is that when Monica returned to the city he quickly returned to join her to share, but how could Joseph avoid being with Monica if she was a beauty, with her smile hypnotized even a lion, imagine being in the position of Joseph must have been hard not to resist contemplating it.

José, no matter how hard he tried to conquer his love, he could not achieve it and that became something he wanted in his heart, not because he was a bad person, but because he did not decide to confess what he felt for Monica, although she gave him several signs which he did not realize them, on the other hand Monica was losing interest in him, seeing that he did not decide to take the step.

Although Jose had a lot of money and business, there is something that he always wanted and that was love, since he was a child he suffered mistreatment from his parents and all those people around him made fun of him, until he entered primary school in 5th grade, which he said in half class because they were making fun of him for being poor and Jose said:

"I will no longer put up with mockery from anyone, the first one who gets with me will see."

So was Jose's childhood, he always wanted to have a little love, but although he has friends who show him love, but Jose who suffered a lot when he was young, does not know how to recognize the love that surrounds him, he only had one thing in mind, to conquer Monica.

On one occasion that Jose was talking to Monica, she was able to tell him that she liked men who speak directly to her, but the problem was not that Jose's problem is that he could not find the words and the right time to be direct with her, although she already knew that Jose liked her because more than once he showed it to her.

A month later, it was time for Jose to confess to Monica what he felt for her - Monica, I want to tell you something I've been keeping quiet since the moment I met you - said Jose. Monica was surprised and in her mind only one thing was going through her mind "Finally he had the courage to tell me". Jose continued speaking. - You know since I saw you for the first time, I loved you and I liked you, I would like to know if you feel the same as me and if you would like to be my girlfriend.- Monica puts the face of sadness and seeing his face realizes that she no longer feels the same for him, she replies - Jose currently only see you as a friend, until recently I was in love with you, but the fire of love I felt for you was extinguished. I'm sorry, I can not accept being your girlfriend - Jose to hear those words, he could feel his heart broke, apologizes to Monica and leaves.

Two days passed, Monica wrote and called Jose without getting a response from him, she worries because it was not her intention to cause harm to Jose as he was a beautiful person with her, Monica goes to one of Jose's business and when she arrives she observes him arriving at the business, So she hurries to talk to him, when she finally arrives she calls him, he comes over and they talk for 10 minutes, then she leaves and he goes on with his homework.

1 week later, Monica during the time she has not seen Jose began to awaken a strange feeling for him, when she was getting dressed to go out to a coffee shop, she received a message from Jose that said:

ello my dear and beloved Monica, I know I haven't written or called you since that time and the last time we spoke I didn't treat you as I should have, but it was only because I was still assimilating not being able to conquer you, but you know I don't think about giving up and you are the woman I love, I just want you to let me see you and conquer you, I'll see you in your favorite place. Always yours Jose"

When Monica, finishes reading the message she gets excited because she knows that the feelings she currently has for Jose is because she loves him, 5 minutes later she is almost arriving at her favorite coffee shop to see Jose, when she arrives she stops at the entrance and starts looking for the table where Jose was, When she manages to see him, it was because he was on his feet making a signal so that she could see him, she runs towards him and being already in front of him, Monica could not stand it and jumped on him kissing him on the mouth.

José neglected his business for his ambition of love, he was attentive, a gentleman, he even suffered thinking that he would never get the love of his beloved Monica, he thought about giving up until he came to his senses and decided to continue fighting; On the other hand Monica wanted to see if Jose's love was true, she had no interest in his money, she came to think that the love she felt for him had been extinguished but when she saw herself without Jose's presence she felt that nothing made sense and as soon as they met she did not hesitate to kiss that love and not let him go anymore.

Note: The drawings presented here are of my own authorship and in this occasion were elaborated with Photoshop.


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