The Inkwell prompt: The Full Moon

Obim the doctor said that, I am eight months pregnant.

The husband said what!

That means we are expecting a baby so soon!

This is good news, my wife.

He replied, happily and the wife smiled.

He was so happy to know that he will soon become a father in few days time.



The next day, he went to the market with the wife to buy all that is needed for their new family member.

Nnena a young girl who so much loves and respected her husband.
and never could she stay a day without seeing him and also can not stay away from him for a time longer than necessary.

Despite being pregnant for eight and a half months she can still cook for him even with her pregnancy.

One week later, on completion of the nine months pregnancy, she give birth to a bouncing baby boy.

The husband was so happy, they called all their family members and have a very chill celebration of the baby arrival.

They all drink's, eat and dance for safe delivery and for having a new child in the family.

After some weeks, three weeks later probably.

The baby was taken to the church for blessings, which was conducted in a very blissful manner.

The father, name him after his own name as "Obinna".

That is from "Obim to Obinna"

While the mother called him "my own".

Obinna grow up and become outstanding in every activities he finds his self in.

He always emerged the best student among all the students in his class,

And in their class, he is highly respected and also every social activities he attended.

His parents were so fond of him for being brilliant as ever.



The father believe Obinna took being brilliant from him.

He said, when I was a child, I was also brilliant in academic activities like Obinna.

On Obinna's fourteen birthday, his father bought him a car as a gift on his birthday.

He did it out of happiness and love he had for him.

Obinna was so happy although he didn't expect a car from his Dad so soon.

Yet, he was still a child, which means he is not permitted by the law to drive a car.

As controlling of steering, should be done by adult alone.

Ranging from 18 years and above.

After, the birthday celebration, he went and talked to his Dad that, he is too young to drive a car as it will not be permitted by the law and his Father told him.

My son I knew it but I did it out of happiness and the love I had for you.



Seeing how you have become so brilliant and outstanding in everything is a thing of joy to me and your family entirely.

For the car, wait for your full moon, that would be your 18 years of age and you will have access to driving it around town.

But, in the main time, I have to surprise you with another gift, he quickly brought out his hands, which was hidden in his back and gave him a gold wrist watch.

Obinna amazingly jump up and hugged his Dad, he said. Thank you so much Daddy......... I love you..........

The father said. I love you too, my dear son.

The mother was at the door watching their love and affection for each other.

The End.

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