Honor Amongst Friends - The Ink Well Prompt #30.


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There was a high school beside the river side, in a town called Beverly Hills.

Where two close friends, Klaus and Scott wants to be amongst the coolest and most popular kids in the school, which were the school scooter riders team.

There was an annual school competition, that holds at the end of the year in beverly hills for all the school in the town, their school hasn't won the competition for years, and they hoped this year would be the year they win the competition.

Because they been trailing all year for the competition, but unfortunately their best rider had an accidental and sustain a leg injury, the doctor advise him to stay off track for 6months, the competition was 3months away.

So the school had to look for an alternative options, so they held an in school competition to look for a replacement for him.

Image by Arthur Ogleznev

Klaus and Scott saw this as an opportunity to join the coolest kids club, they got themselves a scooter, so everyday at midnight, when everyone was at sleep they both go to practice by the river side.

Cool breeze blowing them, while they listen to the sweet sounds of nature, the moon shining bright on the face, while the practiced, it was magical to them.

Fast forward to the day of the school's competition to find who to replace their last teammate, during the ride Klaus scooter got bad, instead of him to be mad and annoyed.

He started cheering for his friend Scott, who won the contest to be the last member of the team. But instead of accepting the position he stepped down for his friend Klaus who was better than him but lost because his scooter got bad.

At the ending of the year their school won the inter school competition, which they haven't won in year. Thanks guys for reading 😊👍🏼.

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