Taking A Break Off Work.

Rachel is a successful businesswoman a bit uptight, but she loves Adventure and likes to explore new places, foods, and so many other things.


being a successful businessman she hardly has time to get away from work, to do what she really loves which is exploring, after years of being tied down with work and she decided to take some time off for work, to go on a little few weeks vacation on the side of the mountain because she was in the Mood to put on her climbing Shoes on and go climbing.

She had so many new things on her list, she wanted to try out like skydiving, hiking in the mountains, hunting, and so many adventurous things in her mind to do.

Although she was not able to do all of them, she still had a lot of fun, on the day she was supposed to go skydiving the person in charge wasn't feeling too well, and at the same time he's replacements wife just put to birth, so he wasn't available either, she wasn't happy with the situation but she had no choice but look swap the skydiving for something else that was available to do that day.

After a few weeks of doing what she love and gave her joy, she remembered that there is money to be made, and being the workaholic that she is, she decided to go back to work, at work everyone in the office could tell she had a great time on her vacations trip because she became more friendly and wasn't uptight anymore.

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