Cost Of True Friendship.


Cole and John were best of friends from childhood, they went to thesame high school, they lived close too each other, which practical made them brother.

Both Cole and John's families love each other and lived like one big happy family, when both boys went off to university John started following the wrong crowd, he started skipping class, wasn't taking his education serious, Cole on the other hand was a great student and tried his best to make John get serious with his education and stop following the set of bad friends he was rolling with.

But John didn't want to listen to Cole's advise, his new set of friends convinced him to stop talking to Cole, that he feels his better than everyone and that cole trying to control his life. John took the wrong advise given to him by his new buddies, which led to him making series of bad choice's that eventually landed him in prison.

His so called friends disappeared and left him all alone but Cole never did, he was always coming to the prison to visit him, Cole never judged him for being in prison or for the choice's he made in the past, but he always encouraged him to be a better person, after some 9 years in prison John turned his life around, and was given 2 years parole before becoming a free man. Cole was a big shot lawyer at one of the major law firm in the city and was about to make partner.

Cole helped John to get a job at a construction company his firm works for, the company helps prolee stay out of trouble and pay them well. John was grateful and promise Cole that he was going to work hard, stay out trouble and never do anything that will make him go back to jail.

Coincidentally the week he was to end his parole and become a free man, is thesame week Cole was to become a Name partner at the firm he work's for. So they decided to go and celebrate. Cole had too much to drink but claim he was fine and he could drive them home, on their way home he lost control and hit someone.

They rushed the person to the hospital, but unfortunately the person dead, when the police came to arrest the drunk driver. John took the fall and went to prison to serve a 15years sentence for criminal charges for killing someone while driving drunk.

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