Aliens and the Vanished Gold

Fear was on everyone's face as the earth shook violently, resembling an earthquake. The wind was blowing and appeared to be light coming from the sky. Suddenly, something struck the earth with a tremendous explosion. Everywhere there was silence, and when they realized it was an alien spacecraft, they were all in disbelief. At the location where the spaceship stood, a large crowd had assembled. After a while, a few odd people emerged from the spaceship, with one particularly striking.

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An alien, all green in color, has three small and two enormous horns on its head in addition to two large eyes. Its body was smaller than its mouth, and it possessed five fingers and five toes, just like humans.... his body was covered in blotches and wrinkles, indicating that he was an elderly alien.

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The alien confronts the populace after picking up their language, telling them, "I have come to this planet for the benefit of humans." The populace is taken aback by this statement and queries how an aliens can help humans.

Speaking to the people, Alien claims to have come from a plant that allows us to take gold from people, double it, and then give it back to them. Though no one takes them seriously, some insane people implant stones in their hearts and give the aliens their gold, which the aliens then double and give back to them.

All of this was a part of a scheme to steal the gold and give it back. Nobody knew that the aliens were going to rob them, but they planned to use the people's riches as a weapon and to gain their own trust so they could take it and keep it for themselves.

According to their plan, people began handing the aliens their gold after they witnessed that the aliens had taken some people's gold and given them twice as much in return.

Amidst all of this, two young children were observing their surroundings and trying to figure out why the aliens had eventually left their plant and started helping people. They tried hard to explain to everyone including his parents that we should not give our valuables and gold to aliens without knowing the reason, but no one listened to them.

People discovered that the aliens had stolen the gold overnight as they continued to gather more and more of it. Contrary to popular belief, the aliens had not taken the gold and had instead used it for their own gain. Though they were not involved in the crime, the aliens undoubtedly desired to exploit the gold for their own gain.


Everyone in the village was looking for gold, including aliens. After three days of continuous labor, when both the aliens and the humans failed to find gold, the aliens revealed their secret to the humans. They said that we are not involved in stealing gold, we must have come here to take gold to increase our powers, because we had to increase our powers by using this gold you can see my weak body i'm so weak i just want to is my power busing humans gold , so we definitely wanted your gold, but this We are not involved in stealing.

The fact that human aliens desired to plunder us did not grieve humans as much as the reality that all of their valuables—especially gold—had been taken and would never be recovered. Now, with nothing to their name, they sat with their heads held low. Greed left them with nothing.

We have steal your gold from the aliens, the two kids who wished to save all humans from the alien say to everyone when the aliens emerge in front of them. When the aliens' secret was made public, it came to light that they were utilizing humans as props. Call it childish bravery or foolishness, but everyone was taken aback.

The children took all the people to the place where they had kept the stolen gold. All the people took back their gold and forbade ever to do such foolishness again and thanked God that we Our gold have been recovered.


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