The ink well prompt #57 : The band rule



Jerry decided that there shouldn't be any relationship within the band. He never thought he'd be falling for his band mate, Danny. Will he break the rules? Will he confess his love for Danny?

Certain things you're able to get over. To forget about. Other times, you know that somethings are forbidden. And that makes it worse. It makes you even more passionate and determine. Just the sound of "forbidden" has this dangerous, exciting edge to it.
This was Jerry's band. He was their leader. From the very start, he put it all on the table; no relationships between the band. Music comes first, and if there's a conflict that could cause our band to go south, you're out. It's over. Simple enough. He had worked for five years to get the band to where they're now.



But he found himself being swallowed into all of these things like it was a black hole. The thing is, he's gay. And he's falling for Danny. Hard. Except he's in the band. He can't kick himself out of his own band and he certainly not kicking Danny out because Danny is one of the best he has worked with. He's worked so hard for this, and he refuse to let his emotions get in the way of his success



They were on tour. Danny had just woken up from the nap he took and stumbled into the back lounge of their bus. His hair was going in multi direction and his stage makeup was smudge from earlier.
"Danny, you look like shit," Jerry frowned as he leaned against the door frame.
"Thanks," Danny muttered.
"You know what I meant," Jerry sighed. Danny smiled and used his last bit of energy to force a laugh.
"Fuck," Danny whispered in agony as he rubbed his head. Danny had gotten a migraine on top of the flue he already had. He was in so much pain, but he played the show just to see the fans.
"Here. Come sit down," Jerry motioned for the spot next to him as he moved over.
Danny dragged himself to the spot beside Jerry before pulling his knees up to his chest. Danny leaned his head against Jerry's shoulder. Jerry can't say that he hated it, but he felt like he might lose control of his thoughts and do something he would regret.
"Jerry, I don't know how much more of this I can take," Danny whimpered as he scrunched up his face. He would never seen him so vulnerable before.
"It's okay, Danny. You're strong. You'll get through this," Jerry said wrapping his arms around Danny's shoulder. Danny leaned into him further.
"Thanks, Jerry. I couldn't do this without you," Danny whispered looking up into Jerry's eyes. Jerry smiled down at his cute, soft features.
And that's when Jerry felt himself slipping. He knew that he couldn't resist the urge to feel Danny's lips against his. Leaning down, Jerry pressed his lips softly against Danny's, smiling when he tried to deepen it. Danny pulled away leaving Jerry wanting more.
"Jerry...what about the rules?" Danny asked doubtfully. "Won't the others complain?". "I hope that you not going to kick me out?". "I hope that this won't tear our band apart?" Danny asked looking more surprised.
"Rules were meant to be broken," Jerry smirked causing Danny to laugh, "And you better not get me fucking sick either!"
"But then I can take care of you like you did for me," Danny smiled warmly.



"I love you, Danny," Jerry responded, captivated by how adorable Danny was.
"I love you too, Jerry," Danny said reaching up to kiss Jerry again.

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