Brothers Apart

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Cut down those ripe fruits from the palm trees
Anuli told the climber. The squirrels have started devouring the ripe fruits. It is always wasted since Nkem who own them now lives far away overseas.
Mazi Odogwu had to share his heritage to his children when he noticed that he is getting old. This is to avoid any disturbance between his wards.
There had been quarrels late Mazi Okwu compound over who own what and who is not a legitimate child and whatnot.

Anuli and Nkem, the children of late Odogwu had a fair share of their father's property. Before his demise, the case of who owns what had already been settle.

Nkem got married and travelled abroad with his wife, Harriet. She was a member of the medical crew sent by the United Kingdom to help immunize African children against polio. Harriet fell in love with Nkem when they newly arrived Aniocha.

She loved the taste of the palm wine and bush meat to go with it, each time Nkem served her.
At another time, she would need someone to accompany her across the thick forest to immunize children in the suburb, Nkem was always ready to go with her.
The villages love Harriet. First, she was a white lady. She was also hospitable and jovial. But when it comes to marriage stuff, the people of Aniocha would never support that their children get married outside the geography of the land.

Seeing what has been transpiring between Nkem and Harriet, there is every indication that she was ready to do anything for Nkem, marriage too cannot be overseen.

Harriet's mission in Africa was to last for twenty-four months. In the twentieth month, she opened up to Nkem that she loved him. It came as a surprise though because of inferiority complex on the part of Nkem.
Against all odds, Nkem receive support from Harriet and after her twenty-four months have been completed, he traveled to the UK with her.
The believe that if you have to take a step, you must not share your intentions with anyone until it is one hundred per ent certain it is done.
Hence, Nkem did not inform his only sibling that he would be craving abroad with Harriet. In his mind, he will send a telegraph to Anuli through the Aniocha post office.
Life in the United Kingdom made Nkem forget everything he had shared with Anuli and the whole of Aniocha.

Every year, his palm trees bear good and sumptuous fruits but because of anger, Anuli refused to harvest them on his behalf. He would allow them to rot away.

One year, he thought that it was not necessary destroying everything their father had worked for. So, he decided to harvest them forthwith.
Nkem and Harriet married legally. He started adult classes and later on became a clerical staff at the clinic where Harriet worked.

Sometimes he would remember his only brother and think of returning to Africa. Though the distance is far, he always wanted to be back home, not just to see his brother but the environment, the festivals, the food are just not the same.

Finally, the opportunity came. Nkem and Harriet agreed to visit Aniocha for a month with their newborn baby Harrison Nkemakolam. This will give them the grace to appeal to Anuli and hangover the family heritage to her.

Aniocha looks entirely different from whatnot was years ago when Harriet came visiting.
There is electricity and pipe borne water now flows in every nook and cranny of the town. People no longer live in mud houses. Only a few houses still have the ancient architecture.

RODNAE Production

Anoicha went agog at the arrival of Nkem and Harriet. It was a joyful moment seeing the two lovebirds return home.
Anuli was happier because his lost brother has returned home. He made a good local dish to welcome his brother home after a very long time away.
Nkem appealed to Anuli for not telling him his plans to travel with Harriet.
Anuli forgave his brother and said:

If I wouldn't forgive you, I wouldn't have welcomed you back home.

The two brothers were happy for seeing each others again.
Harriet and Nkem spent a month them returned back to the UK.

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