Shoe Thief | The Ink Well Prompt #50

"Kriiing—" the phone rings again. The phone had rung three times and no one was picking it up. There seemed to be no one in the house, but suddenly a girl walked in a half-jumping manner. She emerged from the room closest to the living room. With only half of her jeans pulled up to her knees to the hem of her stretchy sweatpants, the blonde girl's mouth was flanking a pink headband.

"Kriiing—" again, the phone rings.

"Wait a moment-!" the girl shouted. "Oh my God, can't you just be patient a little bit!" She looked to the table and immediately grabbed the telephone receiver.


"Oh, Alicia, have you seen it. That, news about that celebrity, Grace? Turns out she had an affair with the goalkeeper! replied the voice on the other end of the line. What was heard from there was also a girl's voice.

"Fck y*!" Alicia replied, "You're calling for something that doesn't really matter to me? You're making me even more upset," she continued.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? Did you just swallow the bottle?" replied Lucy.

"Oh god, please, don't try to joke know."

"Then why are you grumpy, bunny girl?" bunny is Alicia's nickname.

"I lost one of my shoes. This is crazy! I need it right now!" Alicia was heard screaming to herself. She was venting his anger.

"Hey, relax a bit," said Lucy, "you wanna come with me?" she added.

"Where to? Shopping? Ah, no, no, I'm in a bad mood. I'm not interested."

"Hey, are you crazy? It's a holiday, you know!"

"Then where to?" Alicia sounded curious.

"We're going on an adventure, are you coming?"

"Adventure? What adventure. Then, what do you mean by the word us, who?"

"You're coming, aren't you?" Lucy wanted to make her friend even more curious.

"If you don't tell me what adventure and with whom, how am I going to go, you idiot!" for some reason, Alicia sounded easily irritated.

"Hey, hey, hey, wow—, relax your grumpy lady. I'm not going to tell you if you keep going," said Lucy.

Alicia was silent.

"Okay, fine," said Alicia.

"Okay what?"

"Alright, Her Majesty Queen Lucy, I'm coming," Alicia said in a mocking tone.

"Hooray! Lucy's voice shouted with joy from the other side, "okay then, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning," the phone hung up.

"Hey, wait—!" Alicia was about to keep Lucy on the phone, but all she heard was the tone of the phone that had just been disconnected.

“Ah, whatever,” Alicia muttered in annoyance.

"Hey, wait a minute—" she suddenly saw something. A flash of shadow just flashed in front of her.

The girl immediately ran forward and headed for the door.

"George!!!" she shouted, and what the girl shouted at turned out to be a dog.


"Come here you are! Quickly return my shoes," the girl is now pulling each other's shoes with the dog. The dog growled and seemed to be sure that the shoe in his mouth was his.

"let go!"

"My shoe is left on the other side, and now you want to run another one!"

The aura of battle was suddenly felt in the room. There is a fierce tug-of-war between humans and dogs!

"You ugly Labrador!"

Alicia was not very familiar with the dog, in fact they did show each other a spirit of hostility from the start. George—the dog's name—is more familiar with Valencia, Alicia's sister.

"Mom—!" Alicia suddenly shouted for her mother.

"Mom—!" she whined again.

Hearing Alicia shouting the name of the woman he had respected and feared for so long, the dog immediately released its bite, then stood up straight, and tried to glance left and right but found no one.

Meanwhile, Alicia is now relieved that the dog has taken off her shoes. But now she caught something else in the dog's face, something even he could feel.

Amelia, Alicia's mother, or the women who picked George off the streets three years ago, had died four months ago. Now, not only the dog looked sad, but Alicia too.

The two rivals are now both sitting in the corner, absorbing the same feeling of loss. Rare moment.

Everything felt very familiar in the memories. Both of them still remembered that that day George had run away with Alicia's shoes, to the point that Alicia was crying so hard that the little girl's mother had to hit George with a small rattan.

"I missed her too, George," Alicia said. After all, the dog wanted to be petted by Alicia. They even looked familiar.

"But wait," Alicia suddenly remembered something, "if you try to take one of my shoes, it means that the other one was taken first, right?" the girl started to think. "Oh, I see."

"Is that true, George?!" Alicia turned her face to George, and at the same time, George was also turning his face to Alicia.

"You ugly Labrador! Come here, where did you take my other shoe?!" Alicia tried to catch George who was now running towards the door | Inspired by The Ink Well #50 prompt

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