My ex is my new neighbor

Hello guys welcome to my blog ,today i would sharing with some experience i had with my ex who just moved into my neighborhood.

recently my Ex moved into my area, I haven't met him yet. It was my friend that rushed to tell me when she saw him parking his things to the street opposite mine.
Phina!phina!my friend screaming my name from outside .we only dated in my year one and two in the university but I was all over him cause he was the first person I met when I got admitted into the university,but when we went on break we had little misunderstanding which lend to our breakup ,”sad right”?.back to the story.

I had a knock at my door and when I opened the the door it was my freind ether She didn't even sit and the next thing she said was guess what " that your hot and sexy ex just moved into this our area, I just saw him now off loading his things from the vehicle.

At first I pretended like I didn't care, but Esther knew I still had a huge crush on him.
Then she said, stop pretending like it doesn't concern you I know you're heart is leaping with Joy. meanwhile I didn't hear a thing she said as I was busy thinking of ways to go and welcome him as my new neighbor. Not necessarily a neighbor since his across the street but whatever I still wanted to go.
I waited for a few days when I thought he must have settled in, texted him on WhatsApp that I heard he's now living in my area and I'd love to pay him a visit. I didn't expect a reply although we didn't end things on a bad note but it literally felt like it wasn't right.

Regardless, I had already made up my mind, just then his text came in, he was like sure you can, this place is lonely since I haven't made any friends yet, a little company would help.
The joy I felt knew no bounds but I still had to hold myself because we've broken so it shouldn't be so obvious that I like him.
I got dressed, made sure I smelled nice and then went over to the supermarket to get a little snack and fruits, of course I can't go empty handed.

Well, I got there knocked and he opened up, with a smile on his face, I couldn't look away. Instantly I remembered everything we did when we were together I tried to brush it off then greeted him warmly.

I had such a good time there, we talked about so many things, then he mentioned that he's now seeing someone. It broke my little heart but what do you expect it's been years already.but we did not come back together because we both are already in relationship and I love my boyfriend so much that I can’t think of hurting him .
Bye guys let me know if you found my story interesting or captivating.

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