Still Alive.



"Am alive and there must be a reason. I was buried alive in the cosmos but I never stopped breathing, no one knows what my tomorrow may bring but I have a good feeling" Femi whispered to herself .

"Maybe God gave me one more chance to prove myself, and I know he has a reason, my heart keeps on beating!" .

"Now I keep been alive, and am definitely grateful. But since the beginning of time I have been blinded by friends of mine. For sometime I kept on running against the fathers will, but eventually all those friends of mine passed away with time". Now my destiny has been revealed and I shall lead his entry to this world gloriously.

"Many gave up and gave In but it is my determination to strive and win in both the best and worst of times. I still keep being alive and there must always be a reason" . That reason was to lead the usui's into earth.

"A ditch was made for me, in fact two. There will always be things they will do". she continued .

"In my enemy's attempt to hold my life back, they will always eat from the things they do. A brave woman I am and brave men I shall conquer too. I am my salvation and who can I fail?" .

Femi was buried in her own thoughts but she kept on breathing. The usui's had won the war against man and taken over the planet. A new form of life had been introduced

There must be a reason you were given one more chance, your heart just keeps on breathing.

Femi got up from her sick bed and looked out the window, the sun was gone .


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