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Looking at the empty sky that early morning, it was a full moon, I had always known this moment would come.
Growing up I always remember my mother telling me I was a werewolf, she told me I wouldn't be able to change till I was 19 years old, it sounded strange but it seemed like the truth.
I remember asking my dad what she meant and he told me I will understand when I was 19.

Now of age, I had a lot of frightening and confused thoughts running through my head, I had gone through the internet to find out how I would eventually become a werewolf, all the information I had gathered kept on telling me how my bones would be crushed, how the color of my eyes would change, the pain!, I thought. And the worst of all would be the fact that I would have to leave my family to join a new pack in the treacherous woods.

I felt a slight tap on my leg, it was my mom, "it's time she said", fear and goosebumps ran through my body. "don't be scared it will definitely be alright she said. I got up and made my way to the bath room, I brushed my teeth and took my last bath in my home, I put on my cloths and made my way to the living room.

My father stood at the middle of the room, gesturing me to come kneel in front of him. with fear still running through my mind and body I obeyed. I heard my dad whisper some words to my mother and she left the room.
He prayed for me in Latin, saying this words out loud "ut numquam perdas viam tuam" which translated to "may you never loose your way". I felt a thought of confusion. my father then gestured for me to stand up and take a sit.
He looked into my eyes and told me about his own full moon experience , the first day he turned to a werewolf, he told me I will get into lots and lots of fights to maintain my place in the pack but I should always strive to be the alpha.
He reminded me of who I was, the son of an alpha.
My father also made jokes of all the female wolf's I would encounter in my new pack, he advised me to be careful, "some women are evil and only want your attention" he told me.
I felt much better with all my fathers words, they where calming to my soul.

Suddenly my father got so serious and stood up to his feet.
He made a weird sound and my mother came back into the living room, she held a clay pot with a fancy knife in her hand, fear crept back in immediately I saw the knife she was holding.
My father gestured again for me to kneel before him, he took the clay pot and knife from my mother, standing above me he pricked his hands with the knife, letting out his own blood into the clay pot, when he was done he passed the pot and knife to my mother who did the same thing, she then lay the pot on the ground in front of me. I did not know what to do at first with the pot until my mother told me to take it in my arms.
"I hope I wouldn't have to drink this" I thought.
But that was the exact thing I was to do!.

I gradually raised the pot up towards my mouth, expecting the normal usual horrific smell of blood, but it was the opposite, the content of the pot smelled like raw strawberries, my favorite fruit, I drank everything without hesitation.
Looking up at my parents, they both smiled at me, it was obvious I had no idea what was about to happen!.

I quickly got to my feet, I then knew it was about to start, I was about to change, I knew it was coming, I could feel it in my bones, and without any cue I began to change. All my muscles tensed and got stiff, I could feel my spine twisting and bending, I screamed expressing unimaginable pain, I fell to my knees and gasped in a breath as I could feel hair growing rapidly all over my body, I could no longer stand up straight, saliva flowed through my mouth, I felt my canines stretch out. I felt like I was on top of the world. The pain was excruciating then it stopped as quickly as it started.

I jumped to my feet howling on top of my now expanded voice, my parents looked so proud.
I walked up to the mirror at the side of the living room, looking at my own reflection, I didn't change much. My shoulders where broader than usual, my Grey eyes were still intact, "I was even more handsome than before" I thought.

I hugged my parents tightly and made my way to the front door, looking back at my mom I noticed she was sobbing, although tears of joy, her little boy had finally become a man.
I could hear faint cries of howling wolfs in the distance.

With one last look over my shoulder, I waved my parents goodbye. I ran off into the woods and howled loudly, I received an answer in howls from my new friends and family, I could hear them in the woods, my new life was just about to begin!.
I was finally home!!..




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