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Love Storm.



Mr Kaya was a strong man. He was a great guy who just got married. That afternoon he was on his way back home with his wife. They were in the middle of a lake trying to get to the other side.

Kaya and his wife Jaya were both in a deep conversation when a storm aroused. Jaya was so scared she almost peed her pants but her husband was a brave man, he stood his ground. He acted as if nothing bad would happen.

The vessel they were in was tiny compared to the storm they faced. At any moment they would have drowned. Jaya screamed at the top of her voice but her husband just sat there looking so calm. Jaya was so scared as she said " why are you not afraid, we are about to die." we can't get to the other side, we need a miracle! ", she screamed at the top of her voice.

Maya suddenly burst into laughter. He immediately went for his sword in its sheath. Jaya just stared at him with amazement. "what is he doing?" she asked herself. Kaya took the sword and pointed it towards his wife. He put it so close to her neck, it seemed he had evil intentions. The boat kept on shaking vigorously, it was finally about to sink.

At that moment Kaya looked into Jaya's eyes and said " Are you scared?". Jaya looked so Confused and scared, that was a very stupid question to ask considering there present situation. She looked deep into his eyes as she laughed deeply. " Why will I be scared when the sword is in your hands, I would have been if it was in someone else's hand". She replied. " I know you love me and you cannot harm me," she continued.

Maya put his sword back in the sheath as he said. I know the creator loves me and whatever shithole or trouble we are in presently will pass because the storm is always in God's hands. And he can never do wrong.

The storm immediately began to calm down, as they advanced smoothly towards shore.

The End..


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