Eva's Secret



"Story story is what you give me all day", Eva screamed as she sat in the park that evening. "How many times will you ask me to find it? I have searched my mind and soul for any clue but I just can't find one. You told me to grow but you're messing up my mind, you keep hiding the light but you tell me to shine" .

Most people in the community thought Eva was a crazy person because she always came to the park in the evening to sit alone and gaze at the moon. It wasn't that strange but she always seemed to speak with someone who wasn't there.

That night she sat on the bench close to the stream, the light from the moon was so bright, it seemed like it wasn't night after all. Eva wasn't alone, someone hid in the bushes behind her just to hear her conversations. It was Jamie, her secret crush. Jamie had been crushing on Eva since they were in kindergarten, he was always turned on by how mysterious she was. But he could not show his feelings for fear of being insulted by his friends or mates.

He was so curious, to know who she was always talking to, he had to find this out before he could tell her how he felt about her. Meanwhile Eva had no clue about what was happening, she just sat deep in conversation with her unseen friend. She kept on talking about how she was told to grow up, but she couldn't. Jamie sat behind the bushes confused, "who is she talking to?", He asked himself.

He decided to stay till Eva leaves, he had to find out who and what she was.

At exactly 12 midnight, Eva got up from the bench she was sitting on and made her way to the bank of the lake. Jamie followed her very carefully and quietly. When she got to the mouth of the lake she started taking off her clothes till she was completely naked. Then something strange happened. "What do you think he will tell others about me?, she asked her invisible friend, while pointing towards the direction of Jamie. She knew he was there all along.

A very handsome man, completely naked too appeared beside her. He was the one Eva was talking to all this while. His skin looked strange, it shined so bright as the moonlight reflected on it. it was almost as if he had scales. Jamie was so scared, he almost peed on himself. They both started to kiss passionately before they dived into the water with what looked like fish tails!. " There mermaids!", Jamie said to himself, before he stood up and ran for his dear life.

The End....



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