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"Her hands trembled as she held the tray containing the poisoned drink, she knew this was wicked but her mother asked her to"

"My darling, I'm getting married again since your mother has left us to be with angels", Mr Justice said to his daughter.
He knew he never told her the truth about her mother, she was alive but he didn't want to have anything with a drug addict.
"I will always support you," Rose replied her dad. The duo were so close that Justice knew everything about his daughter including John, who was the guy she liked but that was the only thing her father was against but he never gave her reasons. Although close her father kept certain things away from her.
Sarah was the father's new wife and she had 2 daughters - Becky and Magi from her past marriage.
Justice loved his daughters and step daughters equally but this wasn't the case with Sarah as she would always maltreat Rose in the absence of her father and instigated same amount of hate into her own daughters.
Rose was patient with her and respected her because she knew her father loved her so much. The marriage didn't last for a year because Justice passed away. This was a really sad one for Rose as she wept for days.
Well, Sarah saw the death as a great opportunity for her to make great fortune. She immediately began making preparations for the burial.
'My husband has to be buried in a gold casket, she told his brothers. She continued reading extravagant requests for the burial.
"Let me pause you for a bit, Godson said, Justice my brother would never approve of such an extravagant occasion, so we won't do this. Every other person stood with Godson. Sarah's plan was frustrated and she was really angry about this.

"Dad, don't go"
"Don't leave me, dad"
Rose kept saying in her sleep. She abruptly got up, took her secret diary and wrote down something. She had the diary since 10 and had always kept it a secret from the rest of the world.
Sarah found out that Justice's will was not to be read until after his burial. This didn't go down well with Sarah as she had plans to elope with his wealth. She began working on a new plan to find his will. She asked her daughters to join her in searching the entire house all to no avail. She wasn't willing to give up still, so she planned to take Rose off the way. She poisoned fruit juice and asked her daughters to go serve the drink to Rose. Becky was to carry the drink since she was closer to Rose. Her hands trembled as she held the tray containing the poisoned drink, she knew this was wicked but her mother asked her to. Handing over the drink to Rose, still trembling she couldn't bear any longer as she snatched the drink, threw it away and walked out of the room. This agitated Magi and her mother so much but they had lost that opportunity. The funeral was organized and it went smoothly while the lawyer visited the family immediately. There were some faces not conversant with the family and Rose was quite disturbed especially when she saw John
'This is the will and testament of late Mr Justice and as he requested to be read in the presence of his entire family and only after his burial, the lawyer read.
'To my first daughter Rose, I leave her with properties worth a $100 million,
Her mother my first wife, $50 million
At this point, Rose interrupted the Lawyer
My mother is dead', she said; Dad told me that.
' I'm sorry dear, your mother is alive and here she is, he said pointing at her.'
'I know I have no rights to be called your mother but I didn't abandon you neither did I die, I was locked up in a rehabilitation center for years. I'm so sorry dear" the woman said.
And to my son, John
There was a loud exclamation and shock of the faces of Sarah and Rose,
They both echoed
And to my wife Sarah, properties worth NGN 30 million.....
What no sense? Sarah screamed jumping out of her sit.
Why are others receiving in $ and I in NGN? What nonsense.
Mum, you should be glad dad still left you with something after all you did to him, Becky her younger daughter said. You killed dad
What? Everyone asked looking all surprised.
'Why would you say such about your mother' Sarah said besides where did you see that?
Rose, dad appears to Rose in her dreams and told her. I read her diary, Becky continued, you also maltreat Rose and you poisoned her drink but I threw it away.
All hell was let loose as the deceased younger brother pounced on her.
The lawyer called in policemen who came and took Sarah away.
Evil men will always meet their ends and this was the end of the road for Sarah.


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