His Biggest Wish - The Inkwell Prompt #51

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The resort seem more quiet for Drake more than it had ever been before, the week days was quiet but he got a company from a customer who ran away from home. The customer reconciled with his family a few days so Drake is back to just himself in his resort waiting for a customer.

His secretary and other other workers were murmuring that he sell the resort since it was out of sale and he was only wasting money to maintain the beauty.... No doubt, the resort was a beauty to behold. It had the most comfortable rooms with a beautiful beach all around it and Drake knows very well what to make his resort fun.

Why don't I have customers? He would always ask himself with pain in his heart.

Your resort is a new one, a huge business didn't become huge at once... A lady passing by said to him one day. She had noticed Drake anytime he goes to sit at a quiet place to think about the way forward for his resort.

Drake refused to lose faith in his resort, instead he would brainstorm on what to make his resort more fun. He kept spending money on his resort as he had the money to do so from his own capital... No profits at that time. Drake was the first resort owner to own a children playground in the city, the playground was so well designed having aquarium and mini zoo in it.

Drake's workers realized their bad reaction to their boss, they decided to join him in making the resort call for customers. Harry, a mere cleaner came up with a marketing strategy and all the workers agreed on it.

Drake came to his resort one morning to see that there were no worker who had resumed work yet and his countenance fell, he thought they had all agreed to stop work since they've been doing nothing even though he still give them their pay.

Just as Drake was about to leave for his house, he turned around to see all his workers walking into the resort with something in their hands. Drake smiled with a few words that came from his mouth.

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They're here... My backbones are here, Drake felt their importance once again when he saw them and he prayed in his heart that he find customers soon so he could make his workers witness what he had plan when he started building the resort.

The workers came closer to him and broke a news that Drake found to be a super goodnews even though they felt it wasn't good enough. All the workers had went out to share out flyers and also announce the resort on radio stations for more publicity.

Why didn't I think of that? Drake asked with a smile.

You were too busy in making your resort the best which I think it's super cool because it made it easy for us to talk about your resort to others... Harry replied.

Well, let's see how far this would take us... I'll be visiting the TV station tomorrow for more wider publicity. Drake told his workers with a smile

All the workers get back to their minimum work by maintaining the resort hoping to see a customer walk in for a snack at least.

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It was a weekend after Drake had made a publication of his resort on TV, the resort was full of people who had come to spend days and weeks for relaxation. Drake felt so happy and when he looked around, he saw the happiness in the people's faces... What he had been dying to see.

Drake's father had once asked Drake what his biggest wish was and Drake replied his father.

I want to create a world of happiness for people, even for a short while in that world.. Every person would leave feeling happy and much better than they had come... I want to own a resort.

Drake father smiled at him and supported his wish but asked him to create the world himself without the help from his father. Drake looked at his resort and whispered to his dead father.

Dad, I did it!!!

This is my entry for the Inkwell Prompt #51 - They're here and you are invited to participate.

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