An Unexpected Inheritance || Inkwell Prompt

If there was an angel who was sent down from heaven, it must have been Linda. She was too beautiful, too caring and hardworking to be real. One would think she never had any problems because she was always smiling and making people around her happy.

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Linda grew up under the care of her mother but she lost her mother just when she got a job at the coffee shop close to their house. Everyone around came to console their lovely Linda after the loss of her mother, and they came with the little they could use to support her since she was left alone. Surprisingly, they all left the house happy because Linda turned the situation to a happy one for herself and the others.

Linda loved her mother so much but she had a strong belief that her mum had gone to rest in a better place. Everyone was amazed at how fast she got her real self back to being the lively and happy young girl they all knew. The coffee shop manager had given Linda weeks off but Linda went to work earlier than expected.

"I'm refusing to let my situation get the better part of me, I need to continue working towards making my mother proud of me wherever she is" Linda said to her manager with a smile.

Since Linda started working at the coffee shop, the manager couldn't help but notice the growth in his coffee shop. He kept improving and upgrading his coffee shop because his earnings kept growing with Linda's help. Linda didn't realized all that, but kept being the sweet girl that infected anyone who came around with her smile.

On a normal day when Linda went very early to work so she could prepare the coffee shop for her customers, an elderly woman walked in looking so unhappy and strict. Linda walked to her seat with a cup of coffee and her smile like always.

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Ma'am, here is a cup of coffee to lighten up your mood... Linda said sweetly.

I didn't order for a coffee by the way, I wanted to order for just water... The elderly woman said still looking sad.

You're in a coffee shop ma'am and I would suggest you take a coffee drink, it would help with your mood a lot... Linda tried convincing a customer for the first time.

The elderly woman looked at Linda and saw that she wasn't ready to give up, she took the coffee drink from her and took a sip. Shockingly, the elderly woman gave a brief smile and looked up at Linda with awe.

How did you do that? The elderly woman asked

Did I do anything wrong ma'am? Linda asked with an innocent look

Yes, you did. You just made me smile which I can't remember the last time I did... The elderly woman said giving another smile involuntarily.

Linda sat close to the woman and said something that seemed like the first best words the woman ever heard in her entire life. Linda asked to know about the woman after sensing that the woman was in a depressing state.

I'm Mrs Peters and I'm sorry I cat tell you more than that... The elderly woman introduced herself briefly.

Linda watched as Mrs Peters left the coffee shop feeling better than she had came in. And she noticed Mrs Peters forgot her purse behind and she ran off to find her and returned it. Mrs Peter hugged Linda immediately with a smile and left in her car.

Linda couldn't understand why she did that to her but she felt happy that she was able to lighten Mrs Peters mood... It was one of the reason she felt she was living for. Linda continued to live her happy life and giving her boss great gains in his business until she left for studies through a scholarship.

A few years later....

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Linda became a beautiful and intelligent medical doctor who was loved by all she worked with. It was testified that her patients got well quicker than normal because of her liveliness and vibes. She was awarded as the best doctor in the hospital she worked at.

Linda's life was beautiful and she couldn't wish for more but something unexpected happened to her. While she was at home relaxing, her door bell rang. She went out to see two men standing at her door step, one of them was familiar to her but the other was a stranger to her.

How did you find my place Drake? Linda asked the younger man who she was familiar with.

Linda! How come you live here? Since when have you been living here? Drake asked full of surprise.

Come on now, why are you so surprised? It's not like you knew where I lived before. This is where I live... Linda answered with a smile on her face.

Drake was so surprised and speechless until the other man who came with him give an answer to all the questions running in his mind.

She's the lady your mum was talking about, she made a huge impact in your mom's life when you abandoned her. Linda here is the chosen owner of all what your mum had left behind... The man said holding a file in his hand.

Linda was lost in all what was happening around her but what was clear to her was that she knew Drake from school and they had came across each other a couple of times at rare places. Drake realized why his mum chose Linda since he had had an encounter with her before.

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Mrs Peters wrote her will so many years after she felt she lost her son who had only abandoned her in a difficult time. Drake was one of those kids who grew up to love his dad more than his mum and everything took a bad turn when he lost his dad in fight with his mum. Drake left his mum to be on his own, to study and become his own boss without worrying about her.

It was after her death, Drake came around to help with the burial and found out about the will his mum left behind. He decided to go give the rightful owner of the will since he wasn't willing to accept his mum's inheritance after all.

Linda was offered an inheritance that worth 50 billion dollars from Mrs Peters who wrote that "Linda gave her a daughter she never had". Linda's life took a great turn, not just because she became so wealthy but because she had more to give and help others around her.

Linda was able to make Drake understand the wrong he had done to his mother and he felt so sorry towards his mum. Drake asked for forgiveness through Linda as he felt she was his mum's favorite before her death and Linda gave out her smile like always.

It didn't end there, Linda inherited everything and got married to Drake and they lived happily helping people continuously.

This is my entry for the Inkwell Prompt and Dreemport challenge.

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