The French note book

Who will not like him? Look at him, tall, black, handsome, and most of all, intelligent. They say as they smile uncontrollably while they occasionally steal a gaze of Rogers while he innocently sits under the cashew tree in the school compound.

Rogers is the only boy child among the four children of Mr. Milne. He is cute. The way and manner girls flock at him in school make us jealous of him, even though he hardly gives them attention. "Even if he kiss me just once, I guess the memory of it won't go for a year." I overheard some clique of girls gossiping about him.

We join the gossipers when we notice something unusable of Rogers. I, Chuks, and Daniel were like the eyes of the gods in the school. ' Did you notice something unusual about Rogers these days? ' I asked Chuks.
'no, is there anything you are observing? '
' yes, I think Rogers now has a girlfriend in French class .'
' but there is no new girl in that class.'
' yeah, but he has been attending French Class for the past three weeks and very consistent, despite he doesn't offer that course '
' something is fishy, let put an eye on him ' Chuks said.

The French teacher, Miss Anabel had come to our school to serve her mandatory one-year national youth service Corp service. She was beautiful. But since she was not our mate, her beauty was of no use to us, so we never consider her beautiful.

Rogers has continued being himself for the two weeks we have been spying on him and no girl was in the picture. Except that he is always copying notes in his French notebook even when miss Anabel is not saying anything. He is always writing especially during the French class.

Let steal that French notebook and see what he is always writing, Daniel suggested. ' yeah, that's a nice idea ' I said.
The next day during break time in school, Chuks affected our plan and stole the notebook. To our surprise, the first page of the French notebook was the portrait of Miss Anabel, with the caption, " the love of my life ." we perused through the notebook line after line, He was having 19 portraits of miss Anabel with beautiful captions and love notes below each portrait. This boy is not only handsome, but he is also romantic I said. After reading a line which he wrote, am intoxicated with love for you, all I need is a kiss to get me sober.

On the last page of the notebook, were nine letters addressed to miss Anabel. Which he never dared to give her. In one of those letters, he wrote, I wish I dare to give you these letters or you were my age mate.

After reading the whole note, we returned the note to his bag. But kept one of the letters with us. The next day in class. I stood in front of the class during our free lesson time. Please class I have a love letter to read to your hearing, I said. I read the letter without mentioning names, and Rogers was just looking at me so confused but said no word. Some girls confess to me that, that was the most beautiful love letter they have ever read. Later that day, we met Rogers and gave him his letter and Promise to keep it a secret. Until he is ready to disclose it to her.

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