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Social hangover

Everyone was shock at the excitement Johnson displayed. especially for a grown up like him at the sight of the Christmas firework display.

Johnson is the second child of late mama Ada, who is believed to have taken his mom sickly nature. Since birth Johnson is always ill from one sickness to another. His eyes are always red. He is so slim and weak.

It was at age 10 that it was disclosed to his father that he is suffering from sickle cell anaemia by a doctor. Even though he couldn't understand the cause of the sickness despite much explanation to him by the doctor.


This sickness stole every child hood experience from Johnson. He was considered fragile. He was not allow to participate in any activity either was he allowed to go to parks with his peers. He was more like a aged pet.

Television was his daily companion. He had watched cartoons and movies with beautiful firework display. It has been his fantasy to see this work fire display in real life. He sometimes dream of being in an occasion where fireworks are been displayed.

The opportunity showed up when aunty Belima came for Christmas in the village with her children. Johnson was surprised at aunty Belima's attitude toward him. She seem to understand him and never treated him like one fragile being.
Johnson could sense the Christmas was going to be the best for him. As aunty Belima allowed him drive with her in her car. His excitement was heightened when aunty Belima announce to them that she would be taking them to millenniums park after the Christmas service.

Johnson the moody boy was the most lively and energetic boy at the park that day. He seem to be surprise at almost every thing happening in the park. Running up and down the park. Touching almost everything he sees. The last stroke that broke the camels back for him was the display of fireworks by a family with the inscription happy Christmas Johnson. His countenance was brightened as he grim uncontrollably, staring persistently into the air as the firework melt down. He ran to his aunt's children happily, feeling a sense of honor, "it was my name on that" he told them then hug his aunty tightly.
"Thank you" he said. This day became a memorable one for Johnson, he couldn't wait to go share this story with his friends.

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