UNCERTAINTY~The Ink Well Prompt #93 Contest

Can life be rosy forever? A very hard to believe statement in life which says "the rich also cry". The poor will definitely find this difficult to believe.

Maya is a beautiful girl in her mid 20s sponsoring herself in higher education. Life was a rosy one for her and her siblings from the outset when their parents were still alive. Story became worse when she lost her parents.

She began to play the parental role for herself and her two siblings. The journey was a tough one. While about to go into her final year in school with no sponsor, her siblings, Joy was writing her semester exam while Favorite was preparing for External Examination.

Maya, who doesn't believe in luck but hard-work, decided to utilize the Internet to her utmost favor. She had a friend by name Johnson who is into Tech. Johnson decided to teach Maya the basics so she can have a fair knowledge before going further.

Combining these two with her final year bustle and hustle wasn't easy but she kept on holding up. After a month of learning the basics, she enrolled for the advanced class. Her 6 months of intensive learning wasn't an easy nut to crack.


Joy and Favorite who saw how energetic Maya was also adapted to the same spirit. Joy had a friend who took him on a free intensive graphics designing class while Favorite was studying for her external exams. The two sisters were so devoted to their learning.

Just when things seemed to be going smoothly, Maya uncles with other relatives called a meeting and informed them they have to find a way to look for a new place to stay as the house built by Maya's father while he was alive is now theirs since he didn't give birth to a male child.

This inflicted lots of pain to the girls. "If not for anyone, can't you show some pity to us?" Joy asked angrily.

"We are showing pity, and that's why we are informing you girls beforehand, if there is no compassion, we would have just come and pushed you all out without prior notice" Mr Igwe, their most senior uncle said.

"We have heard what you all have said, since this is coming so suddenly, we will appreciate it if you give us time to organize ourselves and find somewhere we can squad for the meantime". Maya asked.

"We only give you one week to prepare and move out," One of them said.

After one week, their property was thrown out and some valuable items were confiscated from them. They had to go squad with one of their mother's friends. After a month, Maya decided to use some of the money she had made to rent a room apartment where she and her siblings were managing.

Even with all these, Maya was still advancing greatly in her school and Tech work. After she rounded off her Academics, she gave utmost attention to learning, she got two contracts from firms to be their web designer and this was paying her a huge amount of money.

After working for 6 months for these firms, she rented a conducive apartment where she and her siblings are living comfortably. Decided to diversify her money in reliable businesses with good returns and also decided to pause her job and get her Master degree as the job was giving her divided attention.

"Life can be all rosy with God, hard-work and patience" . Maya who was sitting comfortably on the sitting room sofa said happily.

"You are right sis, am glad you are this brainy and hard-working, how I wish dad and mom are here". Joy said sadly.

"They are not here physically but they are happy where they are seeing who and what their daughters have grown to achieve". Maya said and hugged her siblings in a tight hug.

Her sister on the other hand is also doing greatly in her graphics, as clients were really patronizing her because of what she offers. Then, Favorite being the little princess seeing the spirit in her sisters is also waxing strong in her school.

Seeing how these girls were able to move from nothing to somewhere got their uncles and aunts surprised and they were left in shame. The house they seized from them was later demolished by the government as they needed part of the surroundings for a government project. They later realized there is no gain in wickedness, they made finding and located their house and begged for forgiveness.

They girls forgave and there was a reunion. To sum up the happy moment, a champagne was popped and everyone cheers to one another joyfully.

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