The adventure of Monin and Stripes

The adventure of Monin and Stripes

I was expecting it to be full and round today but it still needed to grow. Still, I decided to go out to meet Stripes in the alley between the third and fourth intersection. The streetlights were on, just was shining brighter. It could be because of the time and the thousands of little lights that accompanied her.

I crept out through the trap door of the kitchen door. I felt like a criminal before I was one. The day had come, and I had to prove my lineage and instincts to the gang.

I wasn't used to going out at night but it felt good. Possibly it was the adrenaline that was sharpening my senses. I walked briskly to the meeting place which was close to my house.

My shadow looked splendid on the road because it was thinner than my real figure. I stopped and took a better look at my other-self. I have to exercise and lose weight, I thought.

I knew I reached the fourth intersection by the smells of sausage and ham coming from the Italian restaurant. My family likes to buy pizzas there, and I've been there several times although I've never gotten out of the car.

I entered the alley which was very dark, not even the light of the beautiful white lady penetrated that place.

For the first time, I felt fear. But immediately, my courage returned to my veins, and I moved forward.

Stripes had no fixed home and lived everywhere. She was a gang member, and we had become close friends in the neighborhood.

I called her Stripes because of the black lines on her gray fur. She didn't know my name was Monin, and maybe it didn't matter that we had names. In any case, I like the sound when the humans call me.

A thunderous metallic sound put me on alert. Stripes was tearing at a plastic bag with his sharp claws. Looked at me and continued rummaging through the garbage. I kept my distance; for moments, she would disappear among the other bags on the floor.

I liked watching her. She was cunning, wild, and even sympathetic.

She got into a stalking position and jumped on her prey without giving it a choice. It was a furious fight but Stripes was a good hunter. With one swipe she threw the rat against the wall and stunned it. Then, she stomped on its tail and delivered another blow to knock it out. Finally, she sank her teeth into it, and I let her watch because it grossed me out.

Full paunch, happy heart! Stripes walked towards me with her eyes slanted with happiness. Now it was my turn.

We made it out of the alley before the restaurant workers discovered our presence and the murder. Stripes was convinced that she was an unsung heroine, and didn't care what the humans thought.

We walked to the corner of the third intersection. The garbage collector had not yet passed and the smells were very fresh.

Stripes meowed to let me know that my time has come.

I looked at the pile of bags, walked over, and got into a stalking position. I saw some cockroaches walking nimbly over the bags. They looked like mutant beings because of their enormous size.

I prepared my hind legs and jumped to fall on one of them but it escaped me. I saw it again; I don't know if it was the same because they all look alike, and I threw a claw at it.

Before we knew it, the cat catcher had come around the corner. Stripes meowed loudly and several times to alert me. Her lack of collar gave her away but I was wearing mine, nevertheless, we both ran off in terror.

The car chased us into the park. Stripes nimbly climbed a tree, and I did the same behind her. We stood still.

I spat out what was left in my mouth of the hunted cockroach. Stripes' look was one of disappointment and, to encourage me, she brushed her whiskers against mine.

The mistress of the night's dreams revealed us by casting our shadows. The hunters moved the branch we were on and we fell without losing any lives. They jumped, without luck, over us with their nets.

We ran and ran through the neighborhood until we reached my house. We entered through the trap door in the kitchen. Stripes drank some water and left.

Too, I drank water and settled back on my pillow. I licked my belly and paws. I looked forward to another nighttime adventure with my best friend.

It is dawn; time for bed -purring.

Source: Pixabay by godamned

With this story I want to participate in the fiction challenge organized by @theinkwell Prompt #49: By the light of the moon. Read the rules and participate!

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