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I will see you again


Adam was a lonely, introverted boy, who in his own eyes lacked charisma and social charm. He also felt unattractive to girls, so he thought he would be lonely all his life.

He was the youngest of 4 brothers, all professionals. The two oldest happily married, with children, and the one before him already had a beautiful girlfriend. But what would become of him, would he be doomed to remain single?


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Well, Adam was a routine guy, he liked this and it made him feel comfortable. On the contrary, spontaneity was not something he liked at all. That's why he always kept an agenda where he had control of his activities.


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Adam always had breakfast at seven in the morning, went to work, returned at one in the afternoon for lunch. He then returned to work at two o'clock, from which he finally left at six in the evening. He did this religiously from Monday to Friday. During the week, when he left work he would return home, where he lived alone. Well... with his cat Crispy.

Crispy was a huge Siamese cat, who seemed to always be angry, but that suited Adam just fine. The two of them shared space but kept far enough apart so as not to get in each other's way. For some reason this worked well for both of them. Crispy was the reason Adam looked forward to going home every day.

It was always the same, when he got home Crispy would be waiting for him standing upright behind the door, with his characteristic Meow. He would just stand there, meowing and staring at Adam, while Adam greeted him warmly and went straight to the kitchen to serve him his food and make sure he had enough water. Then Adam would just stare at him while he ate, this was pretty much the only thing that gave him satisfaction all day.

Really, there wasn't much else about his daily routine that gave him satisfaction, everything was a commitment. However, starting on Friday there was a variation in his routine, he would get home a little later from work.

Every Friday after work, Adam would go straight to Illusion Park, which was not very crowded. He didn't like crowded places. In that park there was a beautiful lake, lots of swans, big trees, and a beautiful walkway. In addition, from there you could see the starry nights.

When he arrived at the park, he started his routine walking along the long path until he reached a place in front of the lake where there was a beautiful red bench. There he would sit and watch the moon and the stars reflected in the crystal clear water of the lake, as if it were a mirror. Sitting there he could smell the carnations that adorned the surroundings and felt the breeze brush his cheeks and ruffle his hair.

But that Friday, something would be different. Adam religiously left work on his way to Illusion Park. Night had fallen and the breeze was chilly, but he was eager to get to his longed-for red bench where he could admire such beauty. There he could simply pass the time feeling that it made him happy, to be able to return home where Crispy was waiting for him hungry.


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But that day as he approached his bench, he noticed something different, something that had never happened to him before. The bench was not alone. But who could it be? Adam was a bit confused and annoyed. Who could be occupying that bench that for two years now, every Friday, had only been there for him.

As he walked towards the bench, still in disbelief, Adam sensed something different in the air. It was a sublime smell, a sweet scent of a fine perfume with which he felt himself flying. He could not understand it. But as he reached the bench, without a doubt, that was the perfume of a beautiful and delicate girl who was sitting there, with her gaze lost to the horizon, not even realizing he was there.

She was Elisa, a sweet girl who for no apparent reason, that night decided to be there. Now, what would Adam do? He hesitated for a moment, but decided that he was not going to change his routine for anything or anyone. So without a word, he sat there. Yes, on the same red bench where he had sat for the past two years every Friday. But this time he had company.

They were both silent. Until Elisa with an incredulous look asked Adam, when he had arrived there, that she hadn't noticed him. He told her that he had just arrived. But how was it possible that she hadn't noticed. But he tells her that she was staring off into the horizon.

Then without thinking too much she began to tell Adam that she was pensive and for a moment her mind was lost and maybe that's why she hadn't noticed. She was a sweet young girl with brown hair, hazel eyes and freckles on her face. She had huge eyes but they were sad. That's what she confided in him, that she is very sad.

That day she had been humiliated at work, unjustly accused of having taken money from the cash register, but she hadn't done it. It was the first time something like that had happened to her, she felt ashamed. She had also been fired without giving her a chance to clear up the matter. Meanwhile Adam was sitting there, staring at her without saying a word.

But he noticed how the moonlight reflected on her hair, and the breeze moved them back and forth as it sprayed the fragrant notes of her perfume. She wouldn't stop talking and began to sob. Adam didn't know what to do, nor did he know what to say to her at that moment. Until finally he was able to gesture "Don't worry, everything will be fine!".

Immediately she stared at him and gave him a tender smile and in that moment her eyes became a ray of sunshine. That was all she needed. A kind voice that made her think that really, after that, everything could be all right. So without further ado she put her problem aside and began to question Adam, to find out about him.

Although it seemed unbelievable, they both felt very comfortable together and talked until midnight. Adam forgot all about Crispy, so he had a great time. Without further ado they said goodbye, agreeing to meet again next Friday, in the same place, by the light of the moon.


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